Mac iDVD Question

I’m sorry if this seems kind of ridiculous, asking a mac question on an RPG board and all, but it’s worth a shot anyways.
I burned a video I made for one of my projects to dvds (I made multiple copies) using iDVD. They worked fine on the macs at school, and they work on my DVD player, but when I play them in windows media player there is no audio. On top of that they don’t play in my PS2 at all. I did some searching and found a similar problem and it had to do with burning them to dolby diigital sound? inconveniently I can’t find the article right now, but I’m wondering if anyone has a solution to my problem or has experienced anything similar.

Edit: Ok, so I tried VLC Player and it works on that. I’m wondering what type of codec I would need to get it working on Windows Media Player. Anyone know?

windows media player is garbage. use a different player. on windows, I use media player classic, which is a quick download. the codecs I use are the defiler pak. Just google media player classic and defiler pak separately and you’ll never have problems ever again.

The defiler pak is severely outdated. I wrote a post in the anime forum I keep updated regarding video codecs and players.

Thanks Rinn.

I have a question for you: how well does it run MKVs?

I haven’t run into a single video playback problem since I started using cccp, mkv included.

Wow, thanks for the response! I’ll check out this windows media classic, as well as Rinn’s post about video players and codecs. :cool:
And yeah, I really should stop using WMP.

CCCP comes with media player classic bundled in the installer.

The codec pack sounds more efficient than its namesake.

I’m not familiar with iDVD and what format of audio it creates, but yeah, it sounds like WMP is only happy with Dolby Digital (aka. AC-3). There might be an option under audio codec options in iDVD to add an AC-3 track.

I believe older PS2s have issues with being able to play DVD±Rs at all. You might also want to verify that there is an AUDIO_TS folder on your DVD… that one bit me in the ass before I learned that some players require it, even though it’s usually empty.