(I’m only posting this here because it’s urgent, Maba’s idle right now in chat, and I don’t know how often he checks PMs :P)

What was that one song you sent me once by Infected Mushroom called? Not Converting Vegetarians or Illuminaughty, but the third one, I think it was from Classical Mushroom. Was it the Missed Symphony? Because I fucking want it again!

Could you send it to me on IRC, maybe? You’re not active right now, but some time :stuck_out_tongue: Because Infected Mushroom kicks ass.

And uh, just so this thread isn’t useless to everyone else, can you suggest other good trance songs for me to get?

<3 Trance.

3 Words!

Check My Siggy!

Big Nutter
Moped, Oh yesh!

Crappy Scooter tribute bands are not trance in any way, shape or form.

And I recommend anything by Orbital, anything from the Ambient albums by Aphex Twin, NinjaTune and Warp Records

You might consider listening to “Dark Train” and “Dark Hard” by Underworld or “Halcyon + On + On” by Orbital.

The man has good taste.

SK has always had good taste. I have a taste for Juno Reactor also, but I don’t think this falls into trance. Although maybe you might be interested in 'em too, Hades. They have a pretty diverse set of songs, from stuff like they did in the Matrix, to Pistolero (which I’m particularly fond of), which might’ve been in another movie, or other tracks. They have 2 albums I think, Shango and Bible of Dreams.

Take me high- George Acosta
Destination- DJ Tiesto
God Is A DJ-Faithless
Emotions-Trance Control
Awakening-Rank 1
Vega-Paul Van Dyk
Prince of Love- DJ Sammy
Beautiful Child-Madelyne
Set Me Free-Paul oakenfold
Trance Emotions- DJ Quicksilver
Bellisima- DJ Quicksilver
Ayla Prt 2- Ayla
Club Bizarre- Brooklyn Bounce
Born to Bounce- Brooklyn Bounce
The Antehm 2002- Senstation
Bullet in the Gun-Planet perfecto
In my Dreams-Noemi
Hymn- Music Instructor
Loud and Proud- Brooklyn Bounce
Ressurrection- PPK
Forever in Love-Sylver

I have lots more. Tell me what ones you want. i speak trance quite fluently.

  1. People sleep. That’s the first PM.

  2. People are at work. That’s the second PM.

  3. Infected Mushroom frickin’ pwnz.Some are plain psychedelic trance, some pure ACID. Illuminaughty’s orgasmic, as are Classical Mushroom and Scorpion Frog

Heck, IM’s got the honor of me actually buying the CD’s, (My other two bought CDs being the Hellsing ST and the Chrono Trigger ST) and then I hear afterwards that you can DL some songs off free from their website X) Good stuff. Must support. Buy CD.

Hades: Where are you downloading this stuff?

His MSN music whore, and IRC.

You said it, not me!