Mabat's Picture Thread

Aaaaaand we have a start-up for more pictures once more. My highschool art diploma drains most of my drawing interest, so bear with me. This time, I present to you, three pictures:

#1: Catdude… in gear. Standard pencil sketch. Anything special? I originally drew it diagonally and had to flip it left. Also, used a Softer than standard 2½ HB pencil.

#2: Samurai Swan. Pencil-Drawn-Inked-Afterwards drawing. Special? It’s a bird. All I’ve drawn usually are cats’n’humans’n’fey creatures. A refreshing change. Notice the #, cross of anger. The Katana is a bit awkrward though :frowning:

#3: Kai-Chan sticks a Baka-Scroll into my forehead. Nothing that special, maybe the fact that the feet are quite long.

  • I doubt it needs saying, but C&C is allowed and encouraged :wink:

I like your drawing style, its smooth and almost…perfect.

Ehhh… I’m flattered, but I know it myself that my style isn’t exactly… perfect

When I get a good one done, I know it and most likely, I’ll keep on drawing more after that, knowing that I can do better!

Improvement happens bit-by-bit, so the old saying practice makes perfect would be better put this way:

“Practice makes better”

And you’ve really gotten better, Mabat. I like your style… Now scan that drawing of me! =P

You have improved.


There’s not a lot to be said, really. The few errors you still make are repetitive, and are in all the drawings: Some asymmetrism and some proportions being slightly off. You can probably see them yourself.

You have developed your own style, which you keep to. That is always a good thing.