M&M IX Players

Looking for M7M IX players. I’m in charge of creating the shrine. Two things.

  1. What would you like put in the shrine beyond the normal stuff?

  2. Artifact lists!!!
    As you might know, there is a set limit at the start of every game for how many artifacts you can get. I reached my limit, and need to know the ones I missed. Please include the name, type and effect of the artifact.


First off, what game (Edit: Might and Magic 9 perhaps?)? Some of us need more then a few letters to be able to know what you’re talking about. Now for your question:

  1. Everything humanly possible and some stuff that isn’t. These shrines are supposed to cover every possible aspect of their respective game.

  2. Either ask people as you seem to be doing, or play through the game again, perhaps using cheats to do it quicker.

I should clarify. Might and Magic IX. I’ve already got:

Promotional Quests
Optional Quests
Area Maps

The question is mainly a fun one. Would they want [insert stupid request here]?

The problem with the artifacts is that they can only be reached once you have a 15 in disarm trap. To top that off, there are only two points that allow respawning artifacts (reached middle or game or later) and then there is the finite limit. To make it worse, there are no built in cheats. (i don’t know how to edit the game, so that’s out).

Well, I’d suggest looking for something along the lines of a trainer program or one that will hack save files. And if your lucky, they’ll have a listing of all the artifacts and you can just keep switching them out to get a listing.