Lunch Time

Does it count as gore if it has no blood showing?

Counts as vore, but not gore. Otherwise DBZ would still be gory after the editting :stuck_out_tongue:

Yumyum. Someone was hungry. ^^

And… life goes on…



He won’t be hungry for awhile.

Even small snakes can go for days without eating after a meal. The big ones may take days to digest a prey and weeks before they ever have to go hunting again.


develops irrational fear of snakes

It’s a good life. Eat, sleep, mate, die.

Good life.

And the hugging. A lot of snakes enjoy a warm hug.

Mmm, so, what’s for dessert?

How the hell is it gonna digest a WHOLE kangaroo? That teaches something: snakes never choke.


That’s so fucking cool.

*edit: but that website is not! they won’t let me download those awesome pictures. :frowning:

There you go.

Mmmmm, Kangaroo… Darn it, now I’m hungry!