What the hell ever happened to him? Furthermore, is it me or does Big Nutter remind anybody else of Lunaris? For the typos of course, not the stupidity.

I was thinking the exact same thing yesterday actualy, what happened to him?

I still see him in RW’s chatroom.

He’s just… out more

Thanks can I have my Typo Master title now!!

Cos I do live up to that name!!

No, because Lunaris is still the one true typo master.

what!! we nead to get him back in here then,

I typo more after midnight…

How can we tell? I can’t understand a freaking word of what you say 24/7.

I usally can’t get on until after 12 too

and it’s 3 here now!!

Typoing is not a virtue.

It is when Lunaris makes them.

When Lunaris does it, it’s almost beautiful.

Yeah…Lun rocks.

I only know him from Online Life, but he still rocks. I wish he were here, too.

I want Lun-Chan and his SUDMHOAC and his TACOS and his Vindicator miniguns and … I just wants him back, peoples!

wasn’t a self-declared typomancer?

psychomancer typogunner, but that was just a title from that hands-off rpg-thingy that was going around a while back.

That’s ‘Typomancer Psychogunner’ thankyouverymuch.

Holy crap! :open_mouth:

The one of the major differences between Lunaris and BigNutter is that we don’t want to throw Lun in the East River once he stops talking.

And even if we did, we’d be full of holes from a pair of dual-welded Vindicators. Ouchies. And he even visited ze chat too ^^