Lunaris immortalized, again, without them telling who it is
The second clip

It’s basically all Flash audio stuck into one crappily done movie.

“© 2000” my ass. The Lun thing didn’t happen till last year, and Freakdave 4 only came out like, a month ago.

Oh my god…i dont know if it was supposed to be funny, but i fell over laughing, taking my laptop with me and shutting it down when we hit the floor…oh man…

It’s a crime against Lunaris man! What he said in an RO Flash movie is in the second scene. “I LIVE IN A GIANT BUCKET”. Then the bleeding eye scene, he’s still the guy on the right.

Dude? Rejected was the inspiration for Burning Time. :smiley:

Damn you Lun, you’re like the internet bicycle.

I’ve already seen this (its been posted here, actually)- its actually somebody’s work, and that is a pirated version. Normally I wouldn’t care, but its an independent artist and one that I have respect for.

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Damn you Lun, you’re like the internet bicycle.

Um … in what way?

Everybody gets a ride!

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Everybody gets a ride!

/sound rimshot.wav

I saw that one coming.

Oh dear. … Well, I should’ve seen it coming.

Me, too.

That was just completely, and utterly, in every sense of the word, stupid.

Well, duh, what’d you think the point was?

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Me, too.

That is wihout doubt the worst wav you have ever used. :stuck_out_tongue:

<img src=“”> SMIF’Z’Z R HEER!

The last part freaked me out for some reason.

I’ve seen it before, that doesn’t mean I am any less confused though.

I just noticed, he has put a song sung in Norwegian into it. Freaky.