Lunar:Silver Star Story

Does anyone know where I can find the origanal SEGA CD(I think thats what its on)?

And dont tell me to just get the Playstation version,because I already have it.

That could be a tuff one, check all over the internet I guess.

I"ve seen it on ebay once, although you already know about trying to get it there. I used to go various used game stores but that was years ago. I wouldn’t really get it from anywhere other than ebay because if you see it on a used game site, then chances are it’s price is spiked up more than normal (but I may be wrong). The only place that comes to mind is Triangle Video Games but I’m not sure if they’re still around.

I can probly get it to you if you have lots of time and patience…but…why would you want it? The PSX versions are much much better than the Sega CD versions of Lunar. :open_mouth: