Lunar remake!

I think this is awesome.

I would most likely buy a PSP to play this game if it saw a NA release. Seriously, one of my favorites since it’s so classic. I really shouldn’t like it as much as I do, but I just can’t help myself - the cliches are too much!

Part of me is excited about this, but another part of me thinks that no one can outdo Working Designs’s localization job.

Indeed. I’m not sure if I should be excited or if I should just crack out the PS1 version. Neither of the last couple attempts at a Lunar game were all that good so I’m pretty skeptical.

I’m a BIG fan of Lunar, but I don’t see how they can improve the game anymore (other than using better in-game graphics.) I also loved the WD localization and doubt they can improve on it. In my opinion, they should do a sequel to Lunar: Eternal Blue, that finally gets the Lunarians back to the Blue Star. (AND features the two remaining cat-dragons! :wink: )

THIS IS TERRIBLE! Working Designs is the way to go. You can play PS1 games on the PSP anyway, so if you want to play Lunar on a PSP, play SSSC and EBC, not this crap.

Now, granted, if they could really make it as fun as the WD translation, that’d be a different thing entirely…but, probably not. :confused:

Personally, I’m holding out for a “Lunar Dragon Song Complete”, which would be Dragon Song, except it would be a good game.

I’m also not holding my breath. :frowning:

Dragon Song Complete would imply WD would still exist to do it. Which it doesn’t.

If they had working designs re-translate the talking, and make the battling not ridiculous, the game might actually be playable.
Or, maybe not.

I loved the dialogue, hated the battles. So a game that keeps all the awful stuff and removes all the great stuff? No thanks.

Well, no. The “complete” versions don’t exist because of Working Designs; they’re huge overhauls of the original Sega CD games, and Japan got each of them about two whole years before we did, on both Sega Saturn AND PSX.

…Now, if you’re saying that the game would almost certainly be a corny, lackluster, run-of-the-mill JRPG without Working Designs, well, I wouldn’t argue that. That’s the truth, heh.

wait wait what’s this about people disliking the lunar battle system? I loved loved loved it

I actually agree with Ramza. I found I liked the Lunar combat system, the way it moved the characters around the screen (and especially, the way the Cat Dragons interacted.) Of course, Lunar was one of my first RPGs and we’ve come a long way technologically since then. I wouldn’t mind it if they changed the system, but I liked it well enough as it was.

The Dragon song battles weree fucking torture, at least for me.

I agree,Lunar is great. I played Lunar SS for the first time when I was still a munchkin. Lunar may not be the ‘best’,or it may have cliches, but it has a place in my heart as the first game I ever beat, when I was like,six. :moogle:

I don;t think there’s a single thing about Dragon Song that was done well, really.

I tried to think of something witty or funny to say, (oh, blah had a nice hat!) but there really wasn’t anything. That game was a crapfest.

I thought the consensus was that Dragon Song had been excommunicated from the Lunar family like the bastard of a lady and the local non-dominant-denomination-Christian used-hat dealer, in the 1700s. The whole parish spitting at its face and praying behind its back for the torments it’ll endure in the afterlife, that kind of thing. Only, as in my example, the troubles of the game extend very much to this life, cause by everyone it’s ever touched.