Lunar Legend

i have a couple questions about this game:

-What does NOA stat do?
-If this was based off Silver Star Story, why’d that take off the FMVs? GBA has 32bit graphics, so it should be able to handle fmvs
-Did Lunar Silver Star Story have random encounters?

NOA, I have no idea.
FMV’s taken out, not for GBA not handling them, moreso for the fact it’s a cart, and LSSS:C was 2 CD’s i think, meaning many hundreds of MBs and the biggest GBA game is somewhere around 10MB.
Random encounters, I don’t think so, I’m pretty sure you could see the enemies onscreen.

I have no idea what NOA does, but maybe it has something to do with that bar at the bottom of the screen? It might make it charge a little faster, or something like that.

As for FMV, I’m pretty sure cartridges can’t perform FMV sequences. And if they could, they’re wouldn’t be much room for a game.

Finally, encounters in Lunar for PSX weren’t random; grey monsters would run around certain areas. You could try and pass them, but they were usually too fast for you, so you’d end up fighting a lot, regardless.

NOA --> Number Of Attacks

I thought that was obvious to everyone.

And if you’ve played L:SSSC and are currently playing Legends, then take the cartride out of the GBA, place it on the ground, and smash it. That thing is the retarded 4-year-old’s version of LUNAR.

VAlkyrie: Yeah, the game really is s suspicous. I’d expect somthing based off a PSX game to be more challenging and have more complex dialog. WEll this is nintendo were dealing with

Well i’m glad anyways I dont have the psx version, so I’m not being ripped off by this one. This one was pretty decent I havent played the psx one

Someone wrote to Game Informer and said they played Lunar for Sega cd and Nall, Alex, and that kid taht ran a store were in it. Must have been re-remade.

Now the original Sega CD Lunar the Silver Star had random encounters.

They also took out being able to move about the battlefield in the GBA version.


Originally posted by Shizukana Wolf
They also took out being able to move about the battlefield in the GBA version.

Which I thought was the real great thing about LUNAR battles. Well, besides L:SSSC’s bosses-level-as-you-do deal. That was fun.

I donno if i like the sound of that, bosses level with you. i mean, what’s the pay off then? i guess i don’t really see a point in it other than to force the boss to be a challenge at no matter the level (to stop power levelers i suppose).

maybe i should give the remake a try… after all if i don’t like it i still have my sega cd version to fall back on :slight_smile: hehe

Well, it’s a bit more complicated than what I say. See, it all the bosses stats depend on Alex’s level. They have a certain number they use for a base stat, but for every level Alex has, you’re supposed t multiply the base stat by that number. So, if a boss has a base stat of like, 80 for HP, and Alex was at 13, then the equation would be like 80 x A, A being alex’s level, which is currently 13 for the example. So the boss would then have 80x13 for HP, or 1080.

if you wanna be really, really cheap, you could theoretically keep Alex at a very low level while leveling all your other characters, but that takes all the fun out of it.