Luke Skywalker’s planet "Tatooine" discovered.

A planetary scientist at the California Institute of Technology has discovered the first extrasolar planet under three suns in the constellation Cygnus.

“The environment in which this planet exists is quite spectacular,” he added, referring to it as a “Tatooine” planet – because of the similarity to the dramatic view Luke Skywalker had of the dusk sky from his home planet in the first Star Wars movie.

Just a slight problem – it’s a gas giant. I don’t know who or what can survive on that kind of a planet.

Take a look at these animations created by JPL’s PlanetQuest:
orbital motion
what it looks like from a hypothetical moon

if the links don’t work, try these site

A long time ago, in a galaxy far away…

You got excited over nothing!!

Cygnus is the most kickass constellation in the sky, all the cool stuff is found there first. Also my best wallpapers and the coolest knight of the zodiac are related to it.

If this planet wasn’t so close to its main star, we could hope to find a satellite orbiting it that could be similar to Earth. Maybe next time they’ll find one.

Damn you Universe, stop creating systems that don’t fit into our theories just to showoff!

If one of these days mankind masters FTL travel, I can see HD 188753 system becoming one of the most exciting destinations for space tourists. Honeymooners hotspot of the 30-th century, just like Niagara Falls was in a previous millennium :wink: