I want to play through the Lufia games, but when I looked at the Lufia I shrine, Sinstral said that that game begins where Lufia II ends… Should I play Lufia II first then? Also, when do the GBA and GBC games take place? or are they not part of the same storyline?

I suggest playing Lufia 1, and then Lufia 2. Lufia 1 will create quite a bit of questions about the origins of Lufia, and you’ll be happy to find the answers in Lufia 2. Pretty much if you play Lufia 2, you’ll not really want to play the first one.

Lufia II is probably the best game from the series, and knowledge of the first one is really not neccesary (I played through it without knowing the first one existed, yay Europe), so it doesn’t really matter. Chronologically, Lufia II -> Lufia I, so yeah.

What Setz said. Lufia 1 came first, and really helps sets things up for 2. And as for the GBA game… don’t bother. Trust me. Just… don’t.

Oh. Two posts before I finished my one… Okey, so I then II. Thanks!

The GBC Lufia is supposedly third chronologically (but I didn’t play much of it due to the not-very-random dungeon generator getting boring quickly).
The GBA Lufia doesn’t fit into the series (it’s said to be between Lufia 2 and 1. But you’re fighting an awful lots monsters for a peaceful, monster-free time period. And though what I’ve played of this indicates it taking the place in the same region of the planet as Lufia 2 (supposedly, both SNES game took place in distant (and totally disconnected) corners of the same world), there’s sure been a lot of geographical change for less than a century’s time).
Would be a decent game if it wasn’t the battles weren’t so sluggish. (Not only is there lag between moves, but unless maybe if you powerlevel tons, you’ll spend at least 3 rounds per monster on normal battles).
And if you had an easy way of replenishing AP. (Maybe I just missed it, but I remember playing about 15-20 hours in, and I don’t recall AP-recovery items being easily found, despite the monster friends needing AP like mad for specials, since 0 AP basic attacks were pretty weak).

I liked the GBC Lufia, it was fun. GBA Lufia was…bleh. It had an awful job system, you felt like a weakling most of the game, even Dekar feels horribly nerfed and not as mighty as he should be, and the monsters are so-so.

Even the FUUUSIOOON stuff wasn’t that great.

I’d say Lufia I first, if for no other reason than that the technological improvements in the gameplay engine make Lufia I seem sluggish and nearly unplayable after playing Lufia II, thus you may not want to go back after playing the second one.

Play the games in retry mode to save time and effort. Lufia I is a very generic Dragon Warrior clone. Lufia II was more innovative and interesting.

I know this is probably a stupid question, but what’s replay mode? New game +? I love games with New Game +. I recently played through a game I hated just because it had NG+.

Not exactly. Retry Mode in Lufia 2 just lets you earn four times as much experience as the last game, and there’s dungeon mode, which lets you play the Ancient Cave optional dungeon whenever you want.

Both L1 and 2 have a retry mode. Its not newgame + , you just gain A LOT more experience and cash. This makes it so you don’t need to grind either L1 or 2 and just keep going forward faster and more easily.

That sounds great. I can’t wait to play through the game, then play it again…

Though you have to play through “Retry” mode of Lufia 2 (which itself requires beating the normal mode) to get the “Gift” mode, which is the Ancient Cave.
But in Gift mode, you get to choose which 3 of the 6 supporting cast members you want to play with (whereas in regular gameplay, the plot determines your party).

You do have to beat the game (or have a used copy) to unlock Retry mode, though.