Lufia DS

Did anyone else get this? I made the mistake of playing this after playing through Ys7. Its like that time I played Infinite Undiscovery after Tales of Vesperia. It just emphasized EVERYTHING that was wrong with the game. They did a surprisingly good job with the look and sound of Lufia, but christ , the gameplay is awkward and clumsy! And the VA/writing! Sad.

Anyone else have comments?

It’s out already? I thought it wasn’t coming out until next year! FUCK!

Okay, so, I haven’t played Ys7. Am I likely to enjoy this game?

Ys7 is a face paced, tightly controlled action game. Lufia is not. Play Lufia just for nostalgia.

I kinda mentioned some of this in the “What are you playing…” thread. But I do agree with you, Sin. Battle system was really weird as times, and the rules aren’t clearly defined sometimes. (Get hit, have invincibility frames…get hit, get hit multiple times. Make up your mind!) The puzzles were kinda interesting though. Also, why the hell did I have to fight Gades like 5-6 times? It’s kinda ridiculous after a while.

I do wanna play Ys7. I’ve been hearing pretty good things about it for a while.

In the original version, you fight him 3 times. The first time is nearly not winnable , but you get a nice prize if you do. The 2nd time you have to win. Then you meet him with the rest of his buddies before going to Doom Island. I think again on Doom Island.

Ys3 is coming out soon also. Its not as complex as Ys7, but it is also a very good action game.

Ys3 is out now, if you’re so inclined.

As for Lufia DS. I will admit I kinda lost interest in the game after seeing the character redesigns. Also I’ve only played a bit of the original Lufia 2 (up to the first capsule monster) to begin with so I’m not as nostalgically driven to get this game as I could be.

Then play Lufia 2.

I intend to play Lufia DS when I have some free time.

If I can find it for cheap, I would.

I should clarify that I only got to rent it once back in 1995. The rest of my knowledge of that game comes from the Nintendo Power coverage from back then and the fact that I’ve gone through all of Lufia 1 and most of Lufia 3.

Emulators run Lufia 2 pretty well. You should give it a whirl if you’re in the mood for an old school classic.

And emulators are a big help if you want to beat the Ancient Cave. I managed to get down to the bottom floor only once on an actual cart, and I had no idea how to beat the damn boss. So now, I tend to abuse the shit out of savestates when I play it, whether I want to or not.

If emulating Lufia II, I’d go with the PAL version (Lufia) as it fixes a couple major bugs with the US version.

On the one hand, this means I might not have to worry about emulating Lufia 2 anymore. On the other, it means that I probably shouldn’t emulate Lufia 2 either (or at least not without getting the VC one first).

Is Lufia DS a straigt port of Lufia 1? That was my first RPG, and my affetion for it is well documented. I’d love to see it on Virtual Console. And some Yoshi’s Island…

Not at all. It’s actually a totally re-imagined remake of Lufia 2. Even the genre is different (in that it is now an ARPG much like the Ys games or an RPG-ified Zelda).

Started playing it this weekend. What the SHIT happened to the plot?

It’s an interesting re-imagining in some aspects. I like that Idura was not in fact a Sinistral lackey all his life and snapped at some point, but for most of it…did Parcelyte NEED to have a President because kings are out of date or something? Did Lexis need to be a freaking MAD scientist? I can’t stand Guy’s oafish voice either.

Tia is…surprisingly unchanged, and I kind of like her hairstyle, even if her weapon is a bit wierd. I just got Selan. I think I’ll play Super Robot Taisen L more however.

Lufia DS is a remake of Lufia 2. As I mentioned earlier, its not super quality action, like Ys. Its pretty simplistic. The DS can’t handle the game’s engine, which created some limitations. You won’t find more than 2-3 enemies per screen except very rarely. The game is more puzzle focused.

They changed up a lot of things in Lufia 2, but as you’ll see, they kept a lot of the elements that made Lufia what it is. All the pieces are there, they were just re-arranged. At the end, I didn’t mind their decisions much, though like Zero, I was initially shocked by the changes. Its just unfortunate that the game ended up on the DS. I really like how they re-used the soundtracks form Lufia 1/2.

After having the special NG+ ending spoilered for me, I just want to say…


I find the special ending to be a massive cop out.

Well, Square-Enix/Taito bothered to re-register the Lufia & the Fortress of Doom trademark (after it was dead for over 4 years). (As well as Lufia II, which was never trademarked before).
Signs of a Virtual Console release?