Lufia, and the Blue, Green, Red Towers

okay, i have beaten everything in the towers, and gotten of the chests, how in the same hell do u put the gems down on the pedistals? i don’t see that i have the rubies in my inventory so whats up?

You uh, walk up to the pedestals and put them down. You have to do them in a certain order though, maybe, it’s been a long while for me. In one of the towns around that area, there is a person that tells you the order in which you should visit the towers and lay the gems down. Go do that.

The ruby is cracked I think…(like I said, I’m having trouble remembering) I think you have to go back to a certain castle and take their Hope Ruby…I’m not sure.

yes, i know they have to go in order: blue, green, red
i have done that and when i went to the pedistals it just said “Look a pedistal” do u just click on them? and its placed down or drop it from inventory?

So you’ve got the hope ruby thing then? Ok.

You should just have to go up to the pedastal and hit the ok button.

Well did you fight the ghost yet?

yes, i have the hope ruby, beaten the ghost and everything.

Ok well uh if you’ve beaten the ghost you should be able to go to the basement and get the blue gem. Go back to the towers in the same order and put the gems down and in the last tower you’ll be transported to Elfrea.

hmmm that must be the problem the basement lol

Yeah if you can’t set them down that means you’re missing a gem.

okay at the elf place. do u think its wise 2 sell the frost, flame, power, and whatever else rings, if i don’t use them?

Well try them all out. If the rings don’t raise 2 or more stats, get rid of them, I sold a shitload of them later on. Don’t sell them unless you’re really hurting for money, because you will be much later on.

They come in handy later on, when a number of enemies rely on magic over physical attacks. I tend to give the rings that add to stats to my magic users and the ones that add to magic resistence to aguro and the hero.