Lufia and Breath of Fire: Yes or No?

Mystic Quest is a badass game, and whoever said it has the best soundtrack is a very smart person indeed. Dark King battle is my fave video game song EVER. I bought the soundtrack off eBay for 7 bucks and it was one of the best values ever!

Gremlin was exactly what I was thinking while explaining Second Wave. I depleted the sod’s HP in three/four turns and then spent like fifteen more battling it’s Wave, not to mention that you didn’t get any Morphs before that so you were stuck with fighting like a human.

Shit, I wanted SMRPG ;_;

Oh damn, the Gremlin guy. My favorite (not) boss of the early times. He just doesn’t die. And that breath thing? Totally dangerous.

Gotta throw out a couple random points:

I enjoyed Lufia 1 and 2. I thought they both had good storylines that an entertaining balance of humor and “seriousness”.
I thought Lufia 1’s battle systems had some problems. Such as where you couldn’t attack an individual enemy. You could only choose a group, and the game would select a target, so often a powerful character would attack an almost-dead enemy, and a weak character would attack the next. Though this was true of many NES RPGs (particularily DQ/DW), I only had an SNES (and thus hadn’t experience DQ yet), and the games I had played before it (FF2, FFMQ, CT, SMRPG… Secret of the Stars) to choose any target, so you can see.
Great music. Too bad Natsume broke the Capsule Monsters in the US version of Lufia 2 (as well as a few other bugs).
Lufia GBC didn’t hold my interest for very long. The random dungeons we’re randomized a whole lot, so it felt like I was playing the same dungeon over and over.
Lufia GBA is a bit better, but still doesn’t match the SNES games. They thankfully got rid of the random dungeon crap. But, the enemies always take a few rounds each to defeat. Combine it with akward pauses between hits and before the menu opens when it’s somebody’s turn (also like Lufia 1, you can only direct one character at a time, and can’t go back to a previous member’s turn). Another annoyance is when you capture a monster (yeah, Pokemon-style, but you can only have 1 per human I believe and you don’t need to try to catch them all thankfully), you can only hold 8 techniques, and it’s slightly annoying switching them around (you have to delete a move you don’t want from the menu, then add the move you do want at the end of the next battle). Also, I’m not seeing any place to buy potions to recover AP (=MP), even though most of the monster’s moves suck up AP.

I only played BoF1 (beat a few times) and 2 (got to final boss, but didn’t beat once long ago) so far. Admittably simple, but I found BoF1 good as far as earlier SNES RPGs go (and the first game I ever bought without bugging mommy and daddy to buy it for me). :hahaha;
Not really all the original storyline admitably, but it had some fairly good graphics and music, and decently long gameplay (I’d guess I spend about 40 hours beating it). Then again, I played through 7th Saga once, and I wonder why.
BoF2 had the interesting element of being able to choose people to come live in a town you build. Some provide services (shop, instant hunt/fish, change window colors, sound test (I think), etc.), others just seem to take up space. But, you can only have 6 houses (and even then, you can only get the second three after some point in the game), and you would probably end up choosing long before you’ve visited all the places (and thus meeting all candidates). Also each potential villager has a specific house attached to them, so if you choose somebody to live in house #5 for example, that eliminates all other villagers who would live in house #5.
Another interesting feature is the “shamans”. You’ll find possibly 6 of them, and you can combine up to 2 of them with a party member to boost their ratings (although the first two, Fire and Water, won’t mix, and the other four don’t come until late in the game).
Also, BoF2 has some excellent music (though the really good music seems to only be used for cutscenes, and I also like the battle music). Unfortunately, the dungeon tune, which you’ll hear the most, is about 5 notes long and really annoying.
Though BoF2 has maybe the most annoying translation I’ve ever seen (SNES was bad, and Capcom recycled said bad translation for the GBA), then comes Zero Wing (I rank ZW lower because it’s a shooter, where text doesn’t matter, compared to an RPG, where text does matter). :noway:
(horror story: although I did get a copy of FFMQ, it was supposed to be a copy of FF1-NES. But, I took it anyways, since it was only like $5 and a complete-except-box copy, which is a pretty good deal itself. Though if you do buy online and someone chumps you, you can report them for bad business.
And I found a copy of FF1 for like $15 the next week, which was still a good price, so everything went well).

I think he has less then he started. It’s just that because of his hit all breath you have to have more people healing.

No, I’m pretty damn sure his HP was at least doubled on the Second Wave.

I looked at some stuff at Gamefaqs and one of the guides says that he has 1200 hp. I looked a bit more and another guide said his second wind was 600 hp.

He’s one of my favorite video game characters of all time, in fact. I’m so glad you mentioned him!
To anyone else who’s played Lufia: The Legend Returns: Have you noticed the similarities that Dekar and Deckard have? Not only in appearance, the names are very close as well…

Anyway, Lufia 2 is a great game, and definitely worth buying. You can usually find one online at a decent price. Just make sure your SNES is in decent condition, otherwise it’ll be pretty hard to play it. (I’ve only been able to play through it once myself, my SNES is really old!)
The puzzles are pretty challenging in Lufia 2, which is good to me. I can remember one puzzle in particular that had me stumped for over an hour, at least. I was then forced to go to RPG Classics and find out how to solve it. Eheh…

The ending is great too. Can still remember it. sighs Good times…

That’s how I found RPGC as well. The Lufia 2 shrine. Ah bless


I never PMed PanamaJack because my PM inbox is invariably full. But you (and him) are more than encouraged to make me an offer. :wink:

Although FFL3 could’ve almost passed as a FF game (and was as close as the GB got until FF1+2 came out).
FFL3 brings back the experience point/level system, as opposed to the SaGa system.
Your party is predetermined (unlike SaGa 1/2, where you decide your party members).
Weapons have unlimited usage in FFL3.
Eating meat to change into monsters is included for all party members (though which one is determined by character and level), but you also have the option to undo the transformations (not so for monster-type characters in 1&2).
You also learn the spells by buying them in shops (like FF1-3) as opposed to FFL1/2 (where esper or mutant characters randomly obtain them after battle).
Also, any character can use any spell, another FF trait. I think that is true of weapons/armors also, but it has been awhile since I played.
Oh, and you also have MP to gauge magic spell usage, whereas 1+2 gave you a limit per spell that you had to restore at an Inn (though changing into a monster gives you unlimited use of the monster’s special skills).

Yeah, but by the time Final Fantasy Legend III came out, they were just continuing an existing naming convention.

The original Final Fantasy Legend would be the only blameworthy game for trying to piggyback on the Final Fantasy name.