Lufia 2

Sinistral!! :biggrin:

Glomps Sinistral. :kissy: :dancer:

2 is great. 1 isn’t that great, it’s too much like Dragon Quest. You can even attack thin air if the enemy got killed; it doesn’t even have auto-retarget

Now, lufia is originally called Estopolis. Not a lot of people know that.

And you should play lufia 1 first so you know what’s going on in the prequel. It’s like how you have to see the star wars trilogy before seeing the prequels to know what’s going on.

true, that’s what i found ridiculous in lufia 1, the fact that there wasn’t an auto-retarget thingy. gotta admit though, it was sorta funnily stupid.

well, anyway, i’ll try finding the 3rd and 4th one, i didn’t even know they existed! are the graphics any good? (compared to the snes)


Well, the GBA one (4) had graphics similar to Lufia 2.
As for the GBC one (3), well you have to expect a big drop in graphic and sound quality (since GBC is only an 8-bit system). Does a decent 8-bit rendition of the Fortress of Doom song, though.

too bad, but i guess i’ll try both. gotta ‘legally’ acquire it as was already ‘proposed’ about those games.
i guess that means i’ll see my old ‘list’, haven’t updated it though in quite a while.

thanx buddy,

Mades :fungah: