Lufia 2

I like it so far. I have only played 3 so I’m playing the rest now. Yep. Lol. :dancer: But it’s so tiring. :boring:

If you liked 3, you’ll be floored by 2.

  1. sucked.

Two is easy so far. But like I said “So far.” Lol. :dancer: :kissy:

I hope you like puzzles.
I do. Gives you something to do besides fight battle after battle.
But, I suppose that’s why opinions are mixed on wether Lufia 2 was better or worse than 1.
(though battle-wise, Lufia 2 gave the ability to choose your own targetting for spells. No power wasted on enemies/allies that doesn’t need need it. And the IP system was pretty unique (I don’t think it was the first, but close). And an improvement over Lufia 1, which didn’t let you specify the exact enemy you wanted. Only the group, and the game would choose the individual recipient. (though the story of 1 continues the story of 2).
Though the US version (at least) of Lufia 2 does have some weird (mostly minor) glitches near the end (except one scene where the graphics are scrambled to hell, and that’s not an emulation problem. Eventually, you’ll bump your way through it.), I’d still recommend it.

Actually I think it’s the other way around. I haven’t played one yet because two is supposed to be before one. And if I played one before two then I’d get confused. Anyway I like puzzles that’s why I like Lufia 2 so far. Because it has alot of puzzles. But since I haven’t gotten to far yet. To see just how good it is I still like Lufia 3 better. The worse to me is 4.

There’s a 4th one? I loved Lufia 1, as it was one of the first RPGs I ever played, and I really liked 2 but I never really got around to finishing it.

None of the newer Lufias holds a candle to 2, really.

Yep. There is a 4th. And what do you mean by “None of the newer Lufia’s holds a candle to 2.”? :dancer:

He means that 2 is better than all the ones after it. And from what I’ve played of 2 and what I heard about 3, I would imagine he’s right.

I preferred 2 over 1. I played a Lufia game for the gameboy color which one is that? I think it’s better to play 1 before 2, just because it’s much better.

By taking a magical trip to the <A HREF=“”>RPGC Database</A>, you’ll learn that <A HREF=“”>Lufia: The Legend Returns (GBC)</A> is the third game in the series, having been released after both <A HREF=“”>Lufia and the Fortress of Doom (SNES)</A> and <A HREF=“”>Lufia II: Rise of the Sinistrals (SNES)</A>, but before <A HREF=“”>Lufia: The Ruins of Lore (GBA)</A>. Learning is fun. :smiley:

Lufia II is definitely the best game in the series. 3 and 4 were like jokes after playing through 2.

I didn’t think 3 was that bad. Two is still the best and is much better, but 3 was decent. 4 sucked.

3 and 4 were major dispointments after Lufia 2, the series had a good base to develop a lot of depth after 2 and that went totally unexploited.

The GBC games’s random dungeon generator wasn’t random enough. :bowser:
Battles in the GBA game took too long. It took way too many turns to defeat a monster, combined with annoying pauses between moves, and before the menu appears. I liked that it incorporated a job system, but didn’t like that it just randomly awarded new skills.

i’m totally confused, which one is the third and the fourth?

i thought the 1st wasn’t that bad, but i must say that the end of lufia 2 honours the beginning of lufia 1. confused? lufia 2 was pretty good for the puzzles as FallenAngelLynne said. but, i would of really liked a lufia 3 for the snes, one which would have been full of surprises, twists and most of all a lot of complex puzzles- say, like in vagrant story for the ps1. imagine lufia 3 (but for the snes) with puzzles perhaps harder than the ones in vagrant story. :fungah:


AARGH! I’ve been looking for these games everywhere, but i can’t find them. where do you guys get them? i’ve looked everywhere i can think of and have never seen them for sale.

Roms and emulators. Don’t ask us where to go for those, check the forum rules.

my computer is crap and won’t handle that stuff. as i’ve said before, my computer could replace the anchor on any boat for all i care.

I [strike]downloaded[/strike] legitimately acquired Lufia 4, just to see what happens. I’m sure I will no doubt enjoy it even more than Lufia 2.

(As a side note: Today in class a vocab word was “Albedo”. I was wondering all day where I’d see that word before. Then I saw Sin’s title and all became clear.)