Lufia 2-Submarine Cave shrine graphics are not screwed up in Japanese version

In this game after the queen of Preamarl gives you the location of the underwater shrine that contains dual blade you notice that the graphics in the shrine are screwed up when you get there- The Lufia 2 shrine at this site has some pictures of this place- I guess Natsume didn’t do a good job working on the game-
In the Japanese version by Taito which i played that area is not screwed up and you can even see the Sinistral boss Daos. All you see is a dialog box of him talking in the american version.
i wonder if it would be possible to load a save from the american version at Paramarl just before you go in the underwater shrine into the Japanese version and if it would work you could take pics on the ZSNES emulator of the area and of Daos-
i am going to try to play the american version up to that point then load the save in Estpolis 2 and see if it works- i remember the whole area as well as Daos is visible in the Super Famicom version.