Lufia 1 Shrine

Monsters section is messed up/incomplete…and yes i tryed emailing the maintainer but it was no good.

And Also yes I registered just to point this out cause its ben like that since i started coming to this site in like 1998

Keith WP

Good to see that you care. Do you dance Charleston, by chance?

I can only slow-dance… and then it’s not so much dancing as it is shuffling my feet and grabbing her butt.

to be honest, I dance like a spaz

I’m Polish. Draw your own conclusions as to how and what I can dance.

As to the Lufia shrine - some shrines were put up before we as a site decided to establish higher standards as to what would be accepted as a finished product ready to present to the public. We made an effort some time ago to make sure that all the shrines we have eventually reach this level, but getting them there relies on the both the time and the enthusiasm of each staff member (or contributing member of the community). Lufia is one of the ones that’s still waiting for attention.

Not to mention that there are plenty of other Lufia sites, I’m sure, that have all the proper monster information. If you honestly care about how up to date the monster section of an RPG fan site is, you really need a girlfriend.

Way to insult the entire group of people who have ever worked at RPGC, DR. The comment was stupid and uncalled for. Avoid such things in the future.

I love you.

Says the person with nearly 6000 posts on an RPG forum.

Huh? I didnt mean it at all like that. All I ment, is there’s other lufia sites besides what’s on RPGC, and he seems to only care about the information on this one, when he can go to any of those.

4 years does that when you’re an active poster.
What got up your ass?

This won’t end well.

We could discuss that, but let’s say we should end this humourously by me stating that the cable company where I just moved is called Cox. I signed up for their service. So this is the first post I’m making with my Cox.

Hence why it was so small.