Lucky Star

Is a delightful mixture of Azumanga Daioh and Pani Poni Dash.

Take the awesomeness of those two combined, and SQUARE IT. <b>TWICE</b>.

It’s… sedative. Like, it’s not funny, but it’s somewhat pleasant to watch. Thankfully they avoided repeating the seven-minute food discourse.

And the Anime Tenchou cameos are completely awesome.

Really? I’ve found a few scenes in there that made me crack up. I also like how there’s no real plot, since most anime manage to butcher up a plot so bad that you end up watching it just for the action :[

Obscure PPD and FMP references for the win!

I do admit that the Initial D scene really cracked me up, but the rest… mostly I go “heh” at everything else. It’s not something I watch for the laughs but simply because it’s entertaining… and I guess a bit of empathy towards Konata’s studying habits -_-

Too many anime and cultural references that I didn’t get for me to be interested. Maybe if the jokes that didn’t rely on the references were funny…
Also, I didn’t find PPD to be the awesomefest that you did.

It’s pretty great. Fuck plot!

The real fun’s in Lucky Channel. Though that opening still gives me nightmares. Too god damn H-H-H-HYPER!!

Also bonus nerd points if you can name the songs sung at the end of each episode or the anime from which it came.

The little bits of it I’ve seen hurt my eyes

I watched some eps, funny sometimes.