Lucky me! 8)

At a garage sale I passed by today, someone was selling a used Sega Genesis and Saturn with all of the cords and whatnot for only 8 dollars. Naturally, I took advantage of the offer and purchased these fine gaming systems. Cool, huh?

Dar! He beat my deal on the Dreamcast! Blast!::doh::

I one time got a Playstations complete with cords, 8 games, a controller and a Gameshark for 20 dollars. And yeah, included in the 8 games were FF 7, 8, and 9.

But good deal anyway Dalton.

You got ripped countryguy, he should have PAID you to take FF8.

Not bad. Did you get any games with the systems, Dalton?

You got ripped countryguy, he should have PAID you to take FF8.

Some of us happen to like FF VIII. :too bad;

Having replaid through FF8 and not deviated too much by just gaining spells mindlessly or playing too many card games, it wasn’t half bad. Helps knowing a couple details. It has a lot of subtleties.

Hey, whats wrong with the card game?

If you can find them, Dalton, get Albert Odyssey: Legend of Eldean, Dragon Force, Shining the Holy Ark, and NiGHTS: into Dreams.

Thanks, everyone. I already have a few good games. Anyone played Ristar or Dark Savior?

If you can get them, play the shining force games(especialy 2!) and the phantasy star games(especialy 3!). Also, Landstaker’s a pretty good game.

Ristar is a pretty basic platformer. I liked it a bit, but I wasn’t too impressed. I haven’t played Dark Savior.