Love Hina

If you seen it you know why most people like it

i think its the best manga series ive ever read (other then chobits) are not allowed to post anything pornographic mentioning or otherwise.You do know that right?

well not really

but did you read what i wrote
“its a prono with clothes and no sex”

so i was kinda defeating the porpose of using the word porno in the first place

but i edited it

No double posting…although it says that you still can nnot mention it…Just a fair warning.

wow the rules are going to get you every time

*thowes fist in air **
sick it to the man


Try hitting the new post button if you want to see what everyone is talking about…

Know what else is cool? You’re not allowed to be a vigilante either, so shut up Simmerl :smiley:

And besides that, Love Hina is hardly porn. If it was, this entire forum would have to be closed.

(though refrain from posting any risque pictures in general)

hey listen…BUB! I was just warnig him seeing as how he is a newbie.(not an insult in this context)

Nobody needs your warnings, if they haven’t read the rules and violate them anyway that’s their problem.

Akamatsu Ken can suck my balls. I actually like his designs, but he needs to stay the fuck away from anything that may even remotely resemble writing. I mean, look at “Mahou Sensei Negima”, almost every freaking character there was made by mixing the attributes of the Love Hina ones, and some are even direct copies (Asuna=Naru, Nodoka=Shionbu, Setsuna=Motoko, etc) which weren’t even good to begin with. FOR THE LOVE OF GOD MAN, GET SOMEONE TO THE SCRIPTING FOR YOU!

Just needed to get that out of my chest. Now for Love Hina:

It’s okay at first. Nothing out of the ordinary harem story without the smallest bit of depth or good plot. The almost-nude style (Getting the girls naked but covering the interesting bits) gets annoying after a while because it seems cheap for me. If you are gonna draw nudity, the draw the freaking nudity. Mahoromatic gets away with it, why wouldn’t you?

Then it goes to hell. The story takes a turn into the realms of the complete absurdity and the lame attempts at humor just make it worse. Not to mention the “something happens, Naru ends naked, screams and punches the guy” routine is repeated so motherfucking much that it becomes unbearable.

EDIT: Akamatsu’s assistants however, made a pretty good doujinshi featuring lesbian sex between Aeris and Yuffie. So at least something good came out of it all.

I like it a lot. Kaolla Su is awsome.

naru was awesome

oh god I despice negima. i had a mental countdown to the firts panty-shot. took about five pages. love hina was good but he’s really pushing his luck with this one.

The thing is, if he had released Negima before Hina it would have been a lot better. I’ll admit it, the magic fight bits are somewhat cool and it could be an average series if it weren’t for the fact that he is reusing every last lame gimmick from Hina, that by this point are completely unbearable.

No, don’t get me wrong, I’m not by any means saying it’s good. I’m just saying it’s better than Hina, but most people don’t see it since he is beating the dead horse way too much.

that’s exactly right. if Negima had come first we’d be saying LH was the dead horse. manag’s like this just don’t work more than one time.

Oh yee of double digits… You are still a newbie too, don’t get so righteous with RPGDragon. Shit, to him “I’m” still a newbie.

I demand tribute and pizza.

i can work with pizza