Lost Odyssey?

How is it? It seems to be better fared than Blue Dragon, but what say you?

Slightly off topic, Mistwalker is reminding me of Xseed… a collective of big names in the genre that has pumped out games that are way below what’s expected of them.

I liked Blue Dragon a lot better. Lost Odyssey is stilted. The entire second half of the game made me cringe as it became shallower and shallower. I liked what the had wanted to do but they didn’t push it to the end. They should’ve had the writer of the dreams write the entire game, for one thing. That would’ve helped tremendously. If you want to play an RPG, pick up Mass Effect or Tales of Vesperia.

I have tales. I’m working on it now. I’m hopping b/t that, Mass Effect (sort of a chore, since it’s not a type of game I normally play, but I’m working on it it) and Dead Rising.

Is LO worth the new 30 dollar price tag at least?

I would say it’s worth 30 dollars, but definitely not any more than that. The game tries very hard to be character-driven, but it doesn’t do a very good job until later in the game - disc 3 was one of the only really exciting parts for me. You can also pretty easily finish the game without ever understanding the original story premise (i.e why Kaim and others like him came to exist in the first place). The combat is a shining example of why turn-based combat should never, ever, ever be cinematic unless they speed it up by about 1000x. That being said, the character interaction that does exist is really excellent, the characters are very likable, and the ‘1000 years of dreams’ stories, although very jarring to the game’s pace, are so well-written that you won’t even care. I also really think a good job was done on atmosphere and overall aesthetic.

So to put it short: The story has flashes of brilliance but is really messy, the combat is downright shitty, and the atmosphere was excellent. The good points definitely outweighed the bad for me, but it’s not hard for me to imagine someone disliking this game severely.

I don’t think its worth 30 dollars.

Can you put in a spoiler tag why Kaim and the others came? I have no fucking clue. Part of why I didn’t like the game. It has plot holes big enough to drive your car into. I found that they didn’t do a good job characterizing the people AFTER disc 3 not before. I do agree with your general assessment at the end of your post though.

To be honest, I completely don’t even remember, lol! However, I think you can find the answer at Gongora’s mansion, in the second floor library, in the books. I don’t remember where I found out but it was obviously pretty underwhelming, because I forgot already :stuck_out_tongue:

Bow down to Ming’s hotness!:kissy:

Really though, I never played Blue Dragon, but I didn’t really have complaints about LO except for the PowerPointis “dreams”. The sound effects and music were a nice touch, but wouldn’t it have been that hard to including some simple animations?

The immortals came from their land through the Tower of Mirrors to explore other worlds. Their “race” was exploring other worlds. Yeah, I’ll give you that one-- not very exciting.