Lost in Blue/Trace Memory

Has anyone played either of these games and has opinions to share? I don’t have a DS, but I’m curious anyway.

I have them both somewhere, but cant find the little bastards. I enjoyed what I played of Lost in Blue, but got bored after a couple of hours. Trace memory I’ve only played the little intro part on the boat, so I cant really say much about it, but it seems alright, a puzzler of decent caliber if my memory serves.\

Edit: For those that dont know Lost in Blue is about 2 kids that get washed up on a island with nothing. You have to find food and water, and eventually material to build tools, and the game pushes you in the storyline by giving hints like “Maybe I can see a way off if i climb to the top of this waterfall” and gives you a linear path to do so.

I’ve never played Lost In Blue, but it looks kinda boring.

Trace Memory is an adventure game in the PC sense, where there’s a mystery, and you go around solving puzzles to get advance. The game is really clever and fun, but it’s short, which is the only reason I didn’t buy it. But, it is a really good game.

Lost in Blue is a sequel to the GBC game Survival Kids (and the never released in America Surivival Kids 2), so in the off-chance you’ve actually played either of those games, that might give you a hint on whether or not you like it. I’ve never played Survival Kids OR Lost in Blue, but it seems to be somewhat similar to Harvest Moon, in that the gameplay consists mostly of doing chores (except isntead of trying to make money, you’re trying to survive). So, if you like Harvest Moon, it’s probably worth a shot, but if you don’t like Harvest Moon, you probably won’t like this either.

I don’t know much about Trace Memory, other than that every store that even remotely has anything to do with video games seems to have dozens of copies of it lying around.

I’ve got and played Lost in Blue extensively. It’s pretty fun, but the gameplay is very passive. Most of it revolves around balancing your needs (rest, food, water) against exploration of the island. It’s pretty linear, but there’s 5 different endings and a second playable character after you finish the game. Worth checking out, at least.

But it doesn’t have the Survival Kids monkey. No monkey :frowning:

Trace Memory was a fair game. It’s got good graphics, some interesting puzzles, and it’s a fun little game as long as you like adventure games. The story is pretty cool, but it unfolds in a really awkward manner and left a bittersweet taste in my mouth. The game is also really short, which is a pretty big drawback since adventure games usually don’t have much replay value, and this game is no exception.

I’d recommend the game if you’ve played and liked adventure games in the past, and aren’t looking for much more than a quick cute little game.

playing lost in blue seems like this concept:

“The Sims: Lost on an island in the middle of no where with nothing to do and no where to go!” they could make a game like that and it’d still sell for the name"

  • josh

except, unlike josh’s idea, the whole game has only two people, correct? so that would mean it wasn’t even that good.

but i saw an article on trace memory and it looked really good, though they did say it was a little too short.

Lost in Blue really is nothing like The Sims. At all. You<blink>r friend’s</blink> buttercupped.

Nice blink tag there.

Another Code/Trace Memory, while having an interesting plot, great atmosphere, and clever puzzles, is way too short and easy for it’s own good. While there is a “secret” ending concluding the plot (It’s rather obvious it’s there, as the regular ending has way too many loose ends), getting it requires you to pretty much examine every little pixel of the game searching for clues to the mystery, which is about as entertaining as it sounds.

It’s not a bad game, but it’s extremely short-lived.