losing on video games

do you speak gibberish and shout nossensical things when you are losing?

I usually say something like “damn, that sucks” and if it is really frusturating I usually squeeze the controller.

Only if the boss/level is insanely unfair, broken or cheap.

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Hell, I curse at games even when I am winning. There really is no reason not to curse at them. I don’t lose my temper, just develope short-term tourettze (spelling anyone?)

If it gets really bad, and stops being fun, then I just sulk off quietly or find a new game to play.

I used to throw my snes controller at the tv stand whenever I was stumped (Lufia 1+2 made me quite guilty of this), but I’ve had to cut back on the behaviour when handling the psx/ps2 controllers. I still do it though, and a satisfying, resounding THUD echoes through the house when I decide to be a <s>sore loser</s>stubburn bitch. It makes me feel good.

I’m also prone to utter “you fucking bastard Im gonna get you you piece of shit” a lot.

It depends on how I’m losing, if I lose because the computer/opponent is doing something like one cheap move over and over I tend to get irritated. If I lose in a close intense match I get cheery and chatty.

I tend to scream lots of homemade curses. Just ask my neighbors…

Ah still I love to take my rage out on a PC game or XBox game when it seems to like fucking me over…

It’s directly proportionate to the amount of times I try. The more I try, the more vulgar I get about it when I lose.

I throw controllers. Lord knows i’ve purchased one or two desks for nintendo with all the N64 controllers i’ve had to buy. Those things were so fucking cheap.

When I lose, I either go get some sleep or search for some FAQs, since most of the time the cause of my losses are lack of sleep or lack of information…

I never really get that mad. if I am upset at how the game’s going, i jsut reset immediately. But my brother Mike- oy, was he bad! shouting curses, throwing controllers, he did it all. I will never forget the time he was playing John Madden Football, and started shouting “THE GAME’S CHEATIN’!” Whether in seriousness or jest, I never found out.

The only time I’ve gotten mad on a game was Pokémon Stadium. I had Level 100 pokémon (Which means so did my enemies) and I was trying to get more Evees so I fought against the Elite Four and Gary about ten times.

Since our monsters had equal power, about 70% of the fights were decided by luck, and I have EXTREMELY BAD LUCK. I ended up hating that game so friggin’ much.

I usually glare, and if it gets really bad I’ll shake my fist and utter threateningly, “You wil pay for your insolence, vile hell spawn of a game.”

To which I usually grin, or even burst out laughing, since that’s so horrably over dramatic. XD


I usually shout somin similar to arg, but I do put some Nonsensicle Verbaige in there.

I’ll normally try to eat the gamepad.
I don’t reccomend it. It’s bad for the teeth!

Depends against who, and what game I’m playing. And if it’s a RPG, it depends on when was the last time I saved, too.

If it’s something retarded like Wakka becoming confused and killing my entire party while fighting Yunalesca, 10 times in a row, I’ll merely break the CD.

If it’s just normal losing, I simply try harder.

Yeah. Hades has beat Shinobi (the game, not the boarder >_>). He’s hardcore.