Losing Horns

I think I’m a bad person. Me and some friends were talking about things today, and they mentioned that something bad had happened to a mutual friend of ours. Out of habit, I made the sound effect of the losing horns from The Price is Right. We started talking about it, and we decided that those horns should play every time something bad happens to anyone. Here’s some examples:

Guy talking to his manager:

“Boss, we’re finally gonna hit our sales goal tonight! But we’re still really low for the month…” <A HREF=“http://www.80stvthemes.com/ra/TPIRLOSE.ra”>losing horns</A>

Little Girl:

“I finally got a new puppy like I always wanted! But it has rabies…” <A HREF=“http://www.80stvthemes.com/ra/TPIRLOSE.ra”>losing horns</A>

Guy at the convenience store:

“I won a free Mountain Dew! But it’s a diet…” <A HREF=“http://www.80stvthemes.com/ra/TPIRLOSE.ra”>losing horns</A>


“Sweet, I don’t have to pay for lunch today because there’s free pizza! Oh, but it’s from Cici’s…” <A HREF=“http://www.80stvthemes.com/ra/TPIRLOSE.ra”>losing horns</A>

Desperate Teenager:

“I finally got laid! But now I have syphillis…” <A HREF=“http://www.80stvthemes.com/ra/TPIRLOSE.ra”>losing horns</A>

I"m sure you guys get it by now. I personally find it hilariously funny. I think it fits well in that other thread I made about the narcoleptic dog, with no voice over, but playing right when the dog falls down. Again, I"m pretty sure I’m a bad person. I just wanted to see if anyone else was a bad person too.

Cici’s Pizza? The pizza buffet place? With the kickass desert pizzas? How can you hate that place? :open_mouth:

Maybe Cici’s is different where you live, but here it tastes like rancid.

Yeah. They’re good here.

<img src=“http://www.rpgclassics.com/subsites/twistedrpg/images/hero/rirse.gif”> Hey Saturn, I do believe the people at www.ytmnd.com already beat you to the “losing horn plays at the worst time”. Just type in the search for “fail” and you will get a ton of links with the losing horn playing for some poor soul


For example, here is Mike Tyson failing to a guy named Kevin McBride. :smiley:


You are the only person that I know who is a bigger game show nut than I am. However, I’m surprised you didn’t that sound effect on your computer until now. It is hilarious.

You have that file as a WAV?

I always do this sound from Odell down under, when the fish eats something bad =D du- duuun!

If we ever get around to doing some kinda LA meet again, we should all go to a taping of The Price is Right. Then when one of us gets called down (“Mr. Saturn, come on DOOOOOOWWWWWWWN”) and they ask us who we’re with or whatever, we can be all like “I represent rpgclassics dot com!” And then all the others of us who are still in the audience could be all “WOOOOOOOOOO RPGCLASSICS YEAH!”

That would fuckin’ rock, someone make a note of that for next time we’re actually able to pull one of those together. I’d go just for The Price is Right.

Actually, if we got up on stage and said that, they’d stop filming, kick us all out, and start over with new contestants. You aren’t allowed to wear clothing that advertises things, and you’re certainly not allowed to advertise on camera. If you do wear clothing or jewelry with any kind of logo on it, you’re not allowed in any of the areas that are clearly captured by the camera, you’re not eligible to be called out, and you will be ejected if you try to hold up signs that advertise anything. That includes websites.

I’ve had that sound effect for Windows errors since sometime around when Windows 98 came out, and I have it on my cell phone for whenever anyone I don’t like calls me. :stuck_out_tongue:

What if you wear one of those homemade shirts like RPGCers For Bob Barker?

People rep colleges on the Price is Right all the time. You could probably do it for RPGC, just not go so overboard :stuck_out_tongue:

Sat is a bad person who’s losing his horns? Hmm…


So the college guys get to go overboard and we can’t? Phooey!

You’re not a bad person. You’re just a person with obviously little to no excitement in your life who therefore finds that making relatively random sounds at relatively random events is amuzing. Who doesn’t?

You’re allowed to advertise universities and cities, but nothing more than that. I could put “The Internet loves Bob Barker,” but that’s as close of an association as I could get. If he asked what I do for a living, I could say “I work for a website,” but I couldn’t say which one on the air.

Boo-urns. Would we at least be allowed to use our screen names on our name tags, or at least something similar that could be passed off as a nickname? We’d at least have to have some way of informing our comrades that “HEY LOOK WE GOT ON LOOK WE WON A TRIP TO MEXICO” without the skeptics being all “thats not u that cold b ne1.”

Well, my real name and picture are posted on the site several times. Other than that, you can feasibly use a nick name, but it can’t be anything too crazy.

My mom actually went to a taping of “The Price is Right” a couple of years ago. She went with a group of bowlers that were in a tournement in Las Vegas. They took a bus to LA to see the show. One of the ladies in the group actually got on stage. I’d so love to be on that show, even it is just show off how good I got at msot of the “pricing games”. Screw Plinko, it’s all luck! Give me It’s in the Bag or Hole in One any day.