Lord of the Flies

No, I didn’t get to read Michael Jackson’s Fantasy Island yet, but instead I came up with and idea for somebody to steal.

In the near future, there is only war. The only thing that profits from this war is that which feeds off the dead: flies. The weapons used left the bodies toxic, the flies evolved. The world is united against this new enemy, he calls himself,

After we conquer this asshole fly thing, we go back to being a bunch of immature kids who can’t get along, even if it means killing everybody and leaving the week to starve in the streets.

There are a handful of sequels with the next one being…Mosquitoes? Anyway, this goes on until all of the lower chain creatures die off leaving the middle chain animals without any food, and they die. Leaving humans alone in the world with their pathetic war. In the end everybody starves and the world is populated by plants.

Now that I think about it, this is kind of a stupid idea.

How the hell does that work? Plants are lower trophic level organisms, so if they die off how do they populate the world?

I wasn’t thinking of plants for some reason.

Nor of the d&d flyswatter +5 jokes.

I just literally did a spittake. I hope you’re happy. :expressionless:

A better idea: Landlord of the Flies. The setting, post apocalyptic. Horrible monsters and the dead roam the streets. One guy, a monster slayer who is mankind’s one shining hope, is the only one that can restore order. Monsters fear him, woman adore him. But there’s a catch. His landlord is a zombie. Being a true man of his word, the hero strives to honor his two-year lease, but it gets increasingly harder for him because his (once very devout Christian) landlord is now raising his own undead army in preparation for Armageddon. What should the hero do? Should he turn atheist and bathe in the blood and guts of the zombie army, or adhere to his lease and keep going to church with his zombie landlord?

It’s based on a Japanese horror movie about a guy who kills people with frying oil, right?