Looks Like the Duke Lacrosse Team Was Innocent

and, for a non-Duke source:

It would seem all those jokes and I-think-I-am-witty sports columnist remarks I managed to get sick of while having nothing to do with most sports were premature.

(…)The case was troubled almost from the start. DNA failed to connect any of the athletes to the 28-year-old stripper. One of the athletes claimed to have ATM receipts and time-stamped photos that provided an alibi. It was also learned that the stripper had leveled similar gang-rape allegations a decade ago, and no charges resulted.(…)

I think the case should have been finished by this point. Seems clear enough to me.

(…)Then, in December, Nifong dropped the rape charges after the woman said she was no longer certain she was penetrated.(…)

If she really wanted to get at them for rape, wouldn’t she go to a police clinic or something? I think a forensic physician would be able to tell whether there were any signs of sexual violence.

edit: Yay for lack of full context in a piece of information. I found this in the timeline page:

(…)citing the accuser’s statement from the day before in which she said she was no longer certain whether she was penetrated vaginally by a penis, a necessary element of rape charges in North Carolina(…)
So anal rape, or straight dildo rape are ok?

Anal jokes aside, someone is covering their ass. :expressionless:

Oh, now that’s sodomy here.

I’m not sure exactly what will make me happier than never having to read about this again. Living only a few minutes away, I can’t get away from the news. Seriously though, it took long enough. Hell, I’m only slightly surprised that after DNA analysis provided NO links between the accuser and the accused, it took this long to drop charges.

Poor guys. I don’t like jocks or “jock culture”, but these guys really got fucked over.

Don’t ditch the jocks please.