Looking to throw a small NYE Party, but....

Ok, me and my GF are looking to throw a NYE party. Unfortunately, I’ve never been to a party that isnt a birthday party (ie, the kind in which alchohol is involved), much less thrown one, so I dont really know what to do. It will be a small one, about 15 people and BYOB, and it will also be in an upstairs apt, so obviously it can’t get too loud. I figure they could just entertain themselves, and we could just sort of go with it.

I was also thinkign of getting some cheap drinking games, maybe a deck of cards, bust out the 360, and find some one who has rockband. I’m open to other suggestions. Due to the nature and location of the party, loud music isn’t really an option.

What the hell is NYE, cos all I can imagine is some sort of upgraded version of FYI

It has something to do with eves and new years.

Shit, man. I thought he was throwing a Bill Nye the Science Guy party.

As far as activities, just have them there and open to anybody who wants to use them. I’m sure at some point everyone will get a kick out of playing the 360 while drunk.

Case example: Mabatsekker breaks out Mega Man 9 on the 42" screen. JUMP AND SHOOT-fest ensues. Especially vs. Magma Man. And the crowd went wild.

Decent music, drinks, interesting people.

I sure did, except it was a PS3 on Saturday, and I was so drunk I was playing the Rock Band guitar left-handed. No wonder everything seemed backward. :smiley:

The only thing that I would say supply is beer, not a whole lot of it, but some to start out with. Maybe a bottle or two. The crucial thing though is to invite lots of people. Most won’t show, so invite anybod and everybody.

Like us. Why haven’t you invited us? :frowning:

Stop on by!

Thanks for the input. I got a good idea of what I want to do.

Food always wins friends and influences people imo. Get some chips and dip and maybe some generic finger foods like mini wieners, meat balls, cream puffs, cookies, crackers, and some kind of small candy like M&Ms or something and in no time you’ll be entertaining with the best of them. Egg nog (the alcohol-less kind) and soda might also serve as good alternatives to BYOBBs as well (especially for thirsty non-alcoholics).

What’s that extra b for?

That’s a typo.

Guitar Hero/Rock Band
Good music
(Drinking) games are always good
A few good buds

Drinking games are one of those things everyone always says they love, but no one ever gets around to playing because they’d rather drink. Don’t bother.

“I’ve never” is a fun drinking game that will get you drunk if you play it right :wink:

In general I find drinking card games boring boring boring. Gimme beer pong any day.

is it possible to play beer pong inside safely?

Sure it is. Hell, I have a friend who sometimes holds a beer pong night in his apartment. Two tables set up. There’s like 40 people in the small place. Works fine.

Going along that point, don’t bother trying to set up structured activities. Just have a bunch of games there, and let people do what they want with them.