Looking to get a NES again

After years of playing NES games on a emulator or ports on the Gameboy or Gamecube (Animal Crossing)…I decided to get a NES again. It been almost a decade since I last owned a NES, and while I got a good idea what to get…it the buying the system itself that is the problem. I would like to get the second model, but eBay isn’t being helpful in that regard due to bootleg edtions. I wouldn’t mind having the regular model again through…but I don’t know if they would work still.

So the question is, what can I do to get a working original model or the NES-2 that isn’t a bootleg version with Yapo on the top. Even so…what cables the NES uses and where can I find a controller that isn’t goign to cut my hands up. I know the NES-2 had SNES like controllers, which would be great. But a conventor that allows me to use a PS2 controller could work too.

If anyone does have a NES that working and you don’t want it…I could buy it for a price. And even so I do have a good idea of what games to get…do suggest some anyway. I just wished they ported Mother 1 and Final Fantasy 3 to the NES here.

Just buy a <A HREF=“http://www.gamestop.com/product.asp?product_id=802097”>Generation NEX</A>. It works well, has wireless controllers, and works with any original NES accessories.

Get a revolution, play Sega and TG 16 games on it.

Wasn’t there a thread a while back about how bad this thing was?

Yeah, i think it wasn’t playing games correctly or something. Anyway, that page says that its backordered.

Yeah, Castlevania 3 (and I think Koei’s games, since I think they used the same mapper) won’t work on a NES-on-a-chip system, which is what most cheap clones are. Supposedly, some loony stuff the cart did to the hardware.
A top loader (aka NES-2) is known to go for over $100 (don’t expect one for near the $49.95 original MSRP)
An original NES (known as the “toaster” was about $20, plus about $10-15 shipping when I bought one a few years ago.
You’ll want an AC adaptor with it (MAKE SURE IT IS AN NES ONE (model NES-002). I’M PRETTY SURE AN SNES ADAPTOR WILL DESTORY IT).
Or you could ask at a RadioShack or something and tell them this junk (note that this for my toaster’s adaptor. Not sure if the top-loader used a different cable.):
Input AC120V 60Hz 17W
Output AC 9Volts 1.6Amps. Not sure of the polarity. Anybody? Definitely get that confirmed if you try to find a generic replacement, if you can’t find a real one.
As for cords, the original takes standard AV cables (and not even the proprietory Nintendo ones from SNES and later, just your average generic AV cord) or an RF adaptor (if you need it, just go grab the GameCube RF adaptor, I’m pretty sure it’s the same thing). (though I hear the top loader only supported RF output, oddly enough)
(even a genuine Famicom seems to have gone way up in price in the last few years. Now wishing I shelled out $90 for an AV + AC adaptor + shipping)

As for games working on my toaster… it’s not too bad. I just need a big box of Q-tips. Though I know my system has sort of a “sweet spot” for how to insert games (you’ve heard of the cart connector issues).
My system seems to like games only if I stick them into just enough to tap the connector, and a slight lean to one side. Yet the Game Genie I have to force the thing all the way in.
Haven’t dared to try swapping in a new one yet. Maybe I should someday.

Why not just check out your local newspaper/craigslist for yard sales? Thats where i got mine, less then a few months ago, and it was in immaculate condition (they kept it in their basement and never had used it. Even came with a lightgun :O).

Good luck finding an official top-loading NES. I’ve been trying to get my hands on one for years without any success.

I have my original NES from back when it first came out. It is actually hooked up in my bedroom right now. Still have the light gun and everything.

If you buy one off of eBay or somewhere, look for one with a new 72-pin connector. That is really the only thing that matters as far as blinking games and such. You should be able to find one cheap, they are fairly common.

As far as games go, here are some recommendations:

Zelda 2: Adventures of Link
Castlevania series
Mega Man series
Bad Dudes
California Games
Final Fantasy
Dragon Warrior
Kid Icarus

Anyone from the board have a NES they are willing to sell? If it the older model NES, can you make sure it works still.