Looking to buy a new comp... thus... a little help?

With my computer troubles, I’m probably going to buy a new tower. Dont’ need a new monitor.

So I’m looking for a site that does cheap, but decent custom builds. Failing that, I would like a bit of help figureing out what I’ll need.

What I’m thinking of is a PC primarily for gaming and internet use. Monitor, keyboard, and mouse are provided, and I plan to cannibalize the old comp for parts (HD, RAM, so on)

So all I’m looking for really is a case, 1 Ghz+ motherboard, 512+ Mb DDR RAM, and a CD player/burner with a play speed of at least 52x. A hard drive is nice, but nto nessecary, since after cannbalization, I’ll have 100 gig on hand. Some extra won’t hurt though. A decent video card is a must, at least powerful enough to play UT2k4 (32 MB, 64MB preferred). Requested OS being Windows 98/XP. Although I could do without the OS, really. Have XP install disks.

Does anyone know how much this might run me? I have maybe 500-700 dollars on me once my checks come in (which will eat my trip money, but it’s got to be done. I’m hoping for some help from mom.)

The first thing that pops into my head is Alienware.

However, I hear it is even cheaper to build your own computer if you want to.

I figure I might build it myself. Although this is the “quote of doom”, how hard can it be?

Alienware isn’t cheap :P.

Why not get a 300$ (with mail in coupons) POS from Best buy? It should fix your problem. I know people don’t typically like compaq and I can attest that my friend’s compaq portable is a POS, but mine’s been good for the past year, 0 problems. I even upgraded it a bit. Removing their advertiser installs isn’t hard and it doesn’t affect the machine’s ability to run. You’ll probably just need to get a video card, really.

If you really want to build it yourself I can supply you with a list of parts with approximations of their respective prices, but you need to at least have some idea what you’re doing in order to build it yourself.

YEah would help. Heh. or I can ask mom about the comp shop that helped her with this comp. Or find some help on the net. I know it’s more than just hooking up wires…

You might want to give www.newegg.com a look-around.

I Don’t think it will too hard building a PC, I did 3 PCs almost Simutanusy over Christmas, and Managed go Get from Bevelle to Sin whist installing MEx2 and '98 and MS Office.

I’ll need a Motherboard & Processor Upgrade if I want to Play FF11(EU), good thing it’s in Beta.

Big Nutter


<They rule!>

Alright, I’ll write you up a list of hardware with some additional info you might want, could you just tell me what currency you’re using so I can give you something that comes out to about $500-$700.

If you build it yourself, you could save some money by reusing the same tower and some of the parts (ethernet adaptor, sound card, that sort of thing).

I suggest getting a Dell, Dude

Also, if you say you need a windows cd, that could be pretty expensive since it wouldn’t be included with your parts purchases…

Yea, the windows might cost more than your whole computer. If you want XP that is. I’m positive you can download 98SE off the internet somewhere.

Yeah, when I got my Compaq cuz my HD died, we wanted to get WinXP and it was so expensive that with the new HD, it was better to simply get a new comp that would have more power, memory, etc… since it’d have winxp already with it. Adding video and sound cards is cake from there.

Get it? Dude you’re getting a dell, like the commercials. so funny.

I can probably hook him up with XP Warez if he needs it :stuck_out_tongue: And I’m waiting for Nul to post about having 2003 available now <_<

US dollars. I’d rather spend more like 3-400, but all the money is available…

And I have win XP install discs, so…

I recommend purchasing the components individually, build it yourself. It’s pretty easy to throw everything together. I built my machine about 2 years ago, and never opened my PC case much before that. Only problem was my old video card didn’t work with my new board, so I had to upgrade that too.

Newegg.com was the cheapest, back then. Just go to http://www.newegg.com/app/allcatalog.asp?DEPA=0 and pick your case, board, processor, ram, hd, sound and video card, and you’re done. Looks like Athlon and Intel are in the same price range now - wasn’t so 2 years ago.

Shop around, there’s good comparison sites you can use to find the lowest prices on components.