Looking for (specific kinds of) Books

I’ve noticed that fantasy tends to be focused more on the fighter-type characters or the wizard-type characters. I was wondering if anybody had any suggestions for books or short stories that dealt with more rogue-like characters? You know… thieves, assassins, smugglers, any sort of scum you can think of.

In fact, let me extend this past fantasy for a minute. I want a book where the main character is a scoundrel. That isn’t to say that they’re evil. If you want an easy reference (one that everyone should get), think Han Solo. If I’m not being clear enough, ask me a few questions. But mostly I’m looking for fantasy with rogue or rogue-like characters and any type of book with a scoundrel type main character. Uh… thanks.

Dark Tower

Of course, one of my favorite series. I should note that I’ve read that, and the Chronicles of Thomas Covenant.

The Stainless Steel Rat series.

This is a good example.

It probably escaped you, but Tolkien’s The Hobbit is all about an Expert Thief doing rogue things like staying alive and escaping in barrels. Poor Bilbo is not much of a scoundrel, but the people he meets consider him one. Anyway, it’s J.R.R’s best book and a quick read.

I suppose Hitchhiker’s fits part of your description. There is also that annoying gnome in one of R.A. Salvatore’s books that has a book based on him, but based on the fact I’ve even forgotten his name I wouldn’t exactly recommend it.

Have you read Dune? For all his secret destiny ™ the main character stays in hiding doing guerilla-ish stuff.

edit: The malezan books also have roguish subplots, but they are just parts of a whole. And the whole is huge.

edit2: Stupid me. The Odyssey.

I second this. Very good series that seems to be what your looking for. The main character is similiar to Han solo in his early years, the writing style is reminiscent of Orsan Scott Card, and the cover art is just plain sweet.

The books after Magician in the first Raymond E. Feist series dealt largely with a roguish thief character who came to be embroiled in the royal mess. I don’t remember too much detail since I read them back in middle school.

A Song of Ice and Fire has every type of character as a main character

A Song of Ice and Fire will also make you want to just cry at the state of the world it creates. Sometimes I have to take a break from reading it because I just hate some of the characters so much. Or get so depressed over what happens to the ones I like.

You ever read Terry Pratchett? The Moist von Lipwig books (Going Postal and Making Money, with a third tentatively on the way) are pretty damn good in this regard, and while it wouldn’t hurt, you can jump right into them without needing to know much Discworld backstory.

I secnond that, one of the primary characters of the novel, Jimmy the Hand, fits your description perfectly.

M.Y.T.H. Inc. series by Robert Asprin. A good and funny series of books about scoundrels and the like. I need to find those again myself, I’ve lost a lot of good books over the years because I’ve moved so many times

I read MYTH, but they are by far the corniest thing I’ve ever experienced. The main character says things like “Gee, (character)” and sounds like a silly fifties expy. Not to say it wasn’t entertaining, in its own way, but don’t expect brilliance.