Looking for some help with an RPG Maker game...

I am working on making an RPG Maker 2003 port of Final Fantasy 4. Would anyone be interested in helping?

I would like some help in the following areas:

Map Making (Some of the later maps are really diffiucult)
Character’s Starting Stats (If anyone knows what stats the heros start with, please e-mail them to me)
Monster pics (Face it. RTP graphics suck.)
Face graphics/walking graphics (for FusoYa, Golbez, and Rydia as an adult)

I think’s that it. I’ll post back if I forgot something.

i’d be glad to help with mapmaking…i’m working on a game m’self.

Currently, I am working on a map of the ocean cave (the one where you meet Tellah). I’ll be putting up a resources section on my site (after school today), where you can download the chipsets and charsets you need for making the maps.