Looking for some help replacing games.

Okay, so. I don’t post here much Anymore, big surprise. Anyone who thinks going into acting and dramaturgy in particular is easy deserves a kick to the head. But anyway, a few months back, while I was moving in, my father left a box of early Playstation RPGs (among a few others) on a vending machine and failed to tell me about it until a week after I’d moved in and finally had time to play some games. Of course, after a month of appealing to lost and found and flyers and even checking every vintage gaming store in the area, none of them turned up. I’ve managed to replace the common ones, and am currently dealing with some friends to replace a few of the uncommon games. However, there are a few games I’ve not been able to buy for the simple reason that they’re too fucking expensive for an acting student’s budget, and I’m iffy about buying “acceptable” games on ebay or amazon. So I thought I’d ask you guys, if anyone is still here, if they’d be willing to sell for a moderately decent price. What I need is:

Final Fantasy VII (seriously, the price of this is fucking insane)
Arc the Lad Collections
Tales of Destiny

I realize this is a long shot and I’m asking a lot of you guys, but if anyone can stand to part with them, I’d be forever thankful. All I want to do is give them a good home, and play the shit out of them until I’m done analyzing them from a literary perspective. Monetary value isn’t an issue for me, since to me, selling a game purely for money is a sin up there with damaging a book. I just want to play these games that are impossible to find these days.

Well, for FF7, if you have a PS3, it is only $10 to download. Not a bad price. Plus, it links to your PSN account so you can download it over on different consoles. I’ve played it and is very good.

Sadly, I do not have a PS3. Only a PS2. I’m lacking the funds for a PS3, and admittedly, none of the games I’ve seen for the system appeal to my tastes. And I don;t miss FFVII that much. Just kinda annoyed I lost it, and that everywhere I look asks for $50 minimum for a used, “acceptable” copy. But at the same time, It’s only right I have a copy at least.

The PS1 emulators are pretty good. If you have a hacked PSP it would work there too.

And of course, if you’d rather have the comfort of actually playing the game on the actual system (and don’t have the funds to obtain them), much like myself, there are ways to do that too…

i.e. Softmod the system; as in not buy anything at all. It’s very doable, though you may want a throwaway disc if you’re gonna do that.

Emulation might be my ultimate path, but I just wish I had a physical copy. I still have physical copies of about every other JRPG released for the Playstation save for those three. It’s hard to really explain my thought process, but I’ve always hesitated on using PSX emulators, and prefer having a hard copy.

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I’ve got FFVII and Tales of Destiny, if you really want them. How much you looking to spend~?

Name your price first! It gives you more leverage!

I feel pretty much the exact same way you do, and I pawned all of my oldschool rpgs for oxycontin like a year ago and now I’m pissed.


Give your thanks to God with a one minute prayer.

I’ve seen copies of each of these in a couple retro gaming shops, if there are any simliar stores near you. The pre-collection FFVII’s tend to pricey(~$70), but I’ve seen copies for $35 before.

FF 7 is like, 40-60 bucks at the local shops here…Chrono Trigger is like 35