Looking for some dudes to hook up with for Diablo 2...

I’ve been getting back into Diablo 2 recently, but due to a large peroid of inactivity, I have zero characters…so I’m looking for a few people who’d be willing to start a new game or two with me.
I don’t like hooking up with random strangers from BNet…so I’ll hookup with random strangers from here. :slight_smile:
Anyone who’s interested, contact GGCrono 4 or I AM BAYTOR via AIM, or PM me. We’ll see if we can arrange something.

I’ll play D2 when two things happen

  1. More people play Counterstrike with me
  2. 1.10 comes out.

i’d be interested if I was on the american server,
but since I’m on the european i can’t help ya

With MUCH trouble yesterday, I managed to install the bitch. I would play, but now it’s telling me that I can never connect to any servers, so until I can figure out what’s wrong there, I can’t play.


yea i could help ya im pretty good at the game i just started up again a little while ago the only real problem is the constant realm downs and all the new hacks that are being made not to mention the constant haveing to redownload over and over because of back door programs


Shadow, you make little fucking sense.

Ah ha, D2 was fun for a while. I am sure it will be fun again, but I’ve played it threw so many times, it really isn’t fun anymore.

They need to like, give us ANOTHER act which is like, imposable UNLESS you’re in a party. Ya… that would be nice…

Not gonna happen though, so I’ll just wait for the D2 fix to kick back in, if it does. If you are really desperat for someone to play with, PM and I’ll work something out.


I heard that if you play on ladder and dont play with a party it’s gonna be extremely diffucult.

Eden, the 1.10 patch is going to give the game a complete facelift and change almost everything in it. Necros having sets that turn them into Vampires? Barbs having helmets that turn them into animals? Yeah, I think it’s gonna get fun for a little while again.

Speaking of patches, I’ve figured out why my D2 can’t connect to B.net. It’s the patch 1.90D fucking it up. It connects fine until I download the patch. Hopefully the 1.10 patch will fix it, so no online D2 for me right now.

Can’t you just download the patch from battle.net Urk?

You misunderstand, I can connect to B.net fine until I’ve installed the patch. After I’ve installed it, it doesn’t connect to any realms at all, and I can’t go onto TCP/IP games.

yea there seems to be alot wrong with b.net right now
(there blameing it on hacks)

You can get the patchs off fansites and stuff, I think the bliz offictal site also lets you DL the patchs from there if you can’t get them from the game, Urk.