Looking for PC games.

I got a new higher end system, so I’m gonna give 'em a shot. What would you recommend?

I’ll take FPS recommendations, but they’re not really my thing.

Doom 3, Half Life 2, FEAR.

Quake 4.

F.E.A.R is a good one too.

While they don’t require a high-end machine, I suggest the Heroes of Might and Magic series. Heroes of Might and Magic V is due out early next year and it looks sweet. Alas, I won’t be getting it because of my unupgradable laptop.

HL2 is a definite must have, even though it doesn’t <b>require</b> a high-end system (my motherboard’s on-board video ran it well)

Civ4 is good

Ghost Master is a very good game, quite underrated. <a href=“http://www.ghostmastergame.com/”>Link to website.</a>

Dammit, are you people who have HL2 trying to make me jealous? >.> :wink: