looking for old game

Looking for an old game, believe its for original playstation. Did a couple searches through the forums and couldn’t find anything, was hoping someone could remember the name of it. I don’t remember too much except that its a game somewhat like master of monsters, where your creatures can be promoted to higher creatures and stuff. I believe one of the main characters can promote to king, theres a fire dragon with that character i believe. something can be promoted to lucifer too. If anyone can remember the name please let me know. Thanks.

That’s unfortunately a pretty vague description. Moreso given how Pokemon had gained popularity and its share of imitators at that point in history.

Most likely either Monster Rancher or Digimon, but there’s also the possibility of it being an SMT title or one of its spinoffs like Persona or Devil Children.

Try checking those out.

I was thinking of Dragon seeds.