Looking For new Friends

i want new friends to talk their favorite rpg game :noway:

slides in before the curmudgeons start showing up :runaway:

Welcome, TwilightDragoon. You don’t have much experience talking in message boards, do you? OK, here are some pointers:

*This is the Main Board. It’s mostly for talking about things BESIDES games. You want the Video Game or the FF Board.

*Don’t start threads unless you have a specific topic to discuss. I advice you to participate on other people’s threads first to get a sense of how it’s done.

*We have some rather… odd senses of humor around here. Don’t take anything said here too seriously, except for official announcements from the moderators.

Other than that, just have fun. :wave:

You might also want to take a good look at all the forum descriptions correctly to know what kind of thread goes where. The Main Forum is basically for everything that doesn’t fit everything else. Yes I know it’s slightly ironic but here is a good explanation.

Hey thanks for the nice explanation. I did not know what to do.

oh, and dont double post, i didnt read the rules, and i got my head bit off, and dont take things seriously, like what Wilfredo said, and when people try to get you into arguments, stray away from them, although they give you tons of posts, but i dont suggest it. Oh, by the way, welcome to agora!!!

Don’t fuck up.

ya…umm wait a minute… ya just dont basically, and if you do, there are certain people who will most likely tell you. And they might not say it in a nice way, so be prepared for the worse.

OK thanks for the great help

you are most certainly welcome.


and, if you want to get a lot of post, get into religon fight, people might not like you any more…believe me, they dont like you, some dont like me, im not going to mention who but anyway…wait…dont do it…im stupid to have told you…but thats how i got half of my post, i got 50 in one day. It rocked but people dont like you anymore, so forget what i said unless you feel like you want people to hate you. Oh, and dont say homosexuallity is wrong, cuz lots of people will say you are wrong…I said it…I have never heard so much bull crap in my life. Im not starting anything in this thread, im just telling the dude not to do it, so please dont correct me. I’d appreciate it.

It wasnt so much a relgious debate, it was an ethical one.

ya whatever. Another thing, dont take things personally when char says somthing to you thats negative, i did took them perosnally, now we hate each other.

Charlemagne told me to shut the hell up when I was a new member, and I got all huffy afterwards. Now look at us, whee! We still tear each other apart! Charlemagne is 90% jest, 10% dead serious.

And yeah, basically bringing up your grudges with certain types of people tends to not go over well around here. Since you don’t seem to be doing so, you’ll be fine. Stor kram!

Eva, you slut, get on AIM. I hate you.

Also, don’t do thinly-diguised flamebaiting in almost every post you make like NMG is doing, and you’re pretty much all set.

I wasn’t flame baiting :frowning: Perhaps I’ll change my post though cuz that’s exactly what it sounds like I guess :stuck_out_tongue:

Eventually, someone will take you so seroiusly, you will regret it, but it probably wont happen, unless you do it in everyday life, then you are screwed.

What he said.

NG, you are so dramatic :stuck_out_tongue: Once you catch on to charlemagne’s (or anyone’s, I guess) flow you’ll be okay :stuck_out_tongue: