Looking for NEScover...


A lot of you are probobly fammiliar with this. I wasn’t until recently, not being one to frequent Something Awful. For those who don’t know, apparently some SA guys did 8-bit style covers of a number of popular songs.

They provide two mirrors, both of which are now dead. I was wondering if anyone here might know somewhere else where I could find a copy, or, failing that, have one they’d be willing to send me?

Yeah, I got these. Sweet Home Alabama sounds like a Donkey Kong theme to me :wink:

As an aside there was a SNES game, Blues Brothers I think, which had a few songs in 16bit format. There was Paranoid, Smoke on the water I think, a BB one (Peter Gunn theme?) etc. Try searching at Zophar’s, should you fancy it.

P.S, Sweet Home Alabame 8bit. 8bit triple solo. I got the next big thing babe!

EDIT: Or I could be talking about the one Mr. Saturn says. My spc player is lost somewhere.

Rock N Roll Racing on SNES had several songs in 16-bit format, too, though the only one I can think of off the top of my head is Born to be Wild.

If you’re looking for some NEScovers, go to http://virt.vgmix.com and poke around. He’s a madman, he is.

I could send them to you, but I think I’ll have to attach them one at a time since the entire zip is about 69 MB and I don’t know what attachment limits you have.