Looking for music

Once again I’m looking for music with a certain feel to it.

Namely a wild west kinda feeling. Examples of what I’m looking for are the Wild Wild West movie score (not Will Smith’s rap song) and the OST to Serenity (firefly) which I’m currently obtaining.

Any other suggestions?



The samples I listened to sounded nothing at all like anything I requested… I didn’t even like it. The mission statement was nice, but the rest of it was kinda blah…

Oh well. Wild West instrumentals please?

MCR - Hang em High :smiley:

“wild wild wild west… desperado… rough rider… no you don’t want nada… none of this… something something.” dr. william smith

What’s with the music threads lately?

Its almost like we should have our own music forum. But I guess they all belong in the Media forum?

I don’t know about instrumentals, but the Desperado album by the Eagles all has a western feel to it, as does the song Bad Company (by Bad Company), and Blaze of Glory, by Bon Jovi.

Lol, did you just recommend Blaze of Glory and not Wanted Dead or Alive?

Hahaha…Bon Jovi…

seconds the Eagles recommendation

Outlaw Heart by Tiger Army.