Looking for good pokemon fangames

Yeah I know that there aren’t that manny of these out there, but does someone know of any that rock?

well there are a couple coming out where you actually play AS the pokemon.

I’ve heard that, know where they can be found?

I was thinking of creating a game, where Pokemon is mixed with the formula that made Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic so good. Certain actions would allow you to become a hero, or a member of team rocket, or one REALLY nasty villain/villainess. But I seem to have misplaced my Game Maker program somewhere, so I’ll have to wait to do it.

Stormrage is talking about the two new games coming out soon. Pokemon Mystery dungen for both the DS and GBA.

And they both look freakin’ sweet.

Oh, I see. That seems interesting. Judging on what I’ve said, would anyone be interested in my story? If so, could you point me out in the right direction to find where I can create sprites of the new pokemon?