Looking for a WAV...

I’m looking for WAVs of the two famous quotes from Altered Beast, “Rise from your grave!” and “Welcome to your doom!”

Does anyone have them or know where I can find them?

Try getting the ROM and recording the sonund on EMU using “dump GYM info” or something. I don’t think there’s WAV’s like that out right now.

I’m pretty certain the “welcome to your doom” one has been used in a strong bad e-mail, though… check www.the-coolest-stuff-ever.com as they rip samples from the e-mails all the time :wink:

I can get the ROM easaly, do you know if Gens can do that? Thats the only Genesis emulator I can get to work. They have to exist SOMEWHERE…I once played this flash game that had “Rise from your grave!”

Heh heh, these quotes are legendarym you’d think SOMEONE would have done this already. :slight_smile: