Looking for a song...

I am desperately seeking a high-quality MP3 of this song. It’s called Falling Apart, and it’s by this group “Zebrahead”.

Kazaa is no help. Believe me when I say I would buy the CD if I didn’t want just this one song. I can anyone help me?

Get soulseek dammit. I found a truckload of songs by them only by seraching for their band name. Kazaa only has diehard mainstream stuff.

Holy CRAP. :slight_smile:

Thankies! huggles DT

No problem hun.

eye twitch
Must… destroy… that… song…

(Sorry, it’s constantly playing in the background of BOTH Day of Reckoning and Smackdown vs Raw, and when you hear the same song once every twenty minutes or so for hours and hours, it tends to make you not like it so much.)

I have the same thought has Sohee, only I haven’t played SvR as of yet.

wants an RoH game without a sucky system

Oh Man, WWE are scrimping on music in their games.

Big Nutter
TRACK 11 in Download queue… Ass soon as I lands I place stick I’ll for a few hours in My Webspace.

Interestingly enough, that’s where I heard the song. My cousin has both those games. :hahaha;

I guess it’s not bad just listening to it, it’s just that it plays over and over again.

Glad I don’t own the games, then. I’m not into wrestling. I only play the games beacaused wrestling games ALWAYS have the best create-a-character modes. :slight_smile:

I First “Designed” My Usual Spirte (This) in my Local Game store with RAW For X-Box.

Big Nutter
I think I should Show that I’ve got A WCW saved file Called: RVD.

the song youre actually looking for deep within your heart is called “your love keeps taking me higher and higher” by jackie wilson.

Soooooo…SvR any good?

Like I said, not a big fan of wrestling games(or wrestling period), but my cousin is a HUGE fan of them, and almost always gets the new games as they come out. From what I’ve seen, this one looks pretty decent.