Looking for a piece of music

Alright, I’m listening to Lavos’s Theme Orchestrated from the Chrono Trigger Soundtrack and towards the end there is a sad theme that I’ve heard in other places throughout the game. Can anyone tell me what that theme is? I’m pretty positive it’s not Marle’s Theme (The Saddest Song I think it’s called occasionally), and I’m tearing my hair out trying to find out it’s name.

Saddest theme? or sad? I have a mp3 and midi with those titles respectively. I think thats the one i love weee, don’t know what its exact title is either, sorry. I need to play Chrono trigger someday <<…>>

http://www.fye.com/catalog/musicProduct.jhtml?itemId=10861132 Theres one cd you can listen to samples of, but i don’t think any of the songs are the one we might be looking for.

http://www.animenation.com/cds-game-music-chrono-trigger.html I don’t know if those are all the cds for the game though, too bad you can’t listen to samples.