Looking for a new game? Try Atlantica Online!

Event over.

Play the hot new Pyramid scheme that everyone is talking about!

If I ever get bored with League of Legends I’ll give it a go.

You weren’t bored with League of Legends after the first game? :stuck_out_tongue:


If I wanted to play League of Legends, I’d rather just play DotA but randomly deny myself 90% of the heroes and 30% of the items and have a whole team of bad players who just sit in lane

Edit: Also lmao worst thinly-disguised advertisement ever

Damn, what’s with the LoL flack?

Admittedly starting out in low ELO (what determines who you get teamed up with and against according to your level, win ratio, and such) when you first start out sucks. It really, really sucks when you have to call out GG after six minutes and wait for the 25 minute mark to surrender without leaving in-game and being penalized.

I started out by doing arranged matches with friends of mine so I didn’t have to go in solo with random guys who run about willy-nilly not accomplishing anything. Don’t know when ya’ll last tried it; I started back in April and I can say it’s drastically improved since then, as far as balance, server stability, match-making, etc. goes.

But back on subject, when I was out looking for a new free MMO waste of time, I considered Atlantica Online. Looks neat-o.

Either that or Allods.

@Kagato Toujou: Which MMO are you talking about?

One of my friend tried Allods. According to him, the Item mall there ruined the game totally.
Oh, and it’s a wow clone.

Oh, you are a real person…

It’s a pity Allods got so bad reviews because Rage of Mages, Necromancer and Evil Islands were fun little rpgs.

Hint:They were called Allods in Russia.

I’ve been suspecting that some of the “spambots” we’ve been getting are actual people who get paid to join forums so they can sneak ads on their signatures. Not saying that’s the case here however.(Zeigfried was pretty open about his recommendation.)

I’m not a bot. This referral thing is an event in Atlantica currently. The people who join through this event and reach lvl 50 get rewards. But so do I. :3

I nostalgia’d.

Btw. Feel free to ask details about the game if you are interested.

Glad to hear it, Zieg. It’s just that we;'ve been plagued of late by “new members” who join, post a single comment (usually in long-dead threads) with spam links on their sigs, and then vanish foerever. Can’t blame us for being suspicious.

PS. My computer is probably too old to handle a MMORPG which is one reason I’ve never tried them, even free ones. But thanks for the recommendation anyway.

My computer is 5 years old and it runs the game fine.

My computer is 8 years old and has malfunctioned several times, including when I tried to run a Korean MMORPG. I’d love to chuck it and buy a new one, but currently I can’t even afford a laptop.

Yess! So simple a game, yet so compelling. The sequel was rather hard.

Only played the second game tbh. It was fun. We played it in lan even.