Looking for a MIDI

I’m trying to find a MIDI from FF8, of one of the FH concerts.

As you know, there are two different ones if you do them right.
One of the combos is Elec Guitar-Bass Guitar-Piano-Saxophone, and Tap-Guitar-Violin-Flute.
(BTW, if I rememberm, it SAYS flute, but I belive it’s accualy a piccolo. But that’s irrelevent.)
I’m looking for a MIDI of the later combo…I have one of the first one. Does anyone have this? VGMusic.com doesn’t seem to have it.

This site has it.

Verrry nice! Thanks!

Um…you wouldn;t happen to know what number it is, would you?

It’s not one of the numbered ones. I believe it’s ‘concert1’ or something like that.

Thanks again. :cool:

The MIDI isn’t perfect, but at this point I’m not picky. :hahaha;

EDIT: I opned the file up with Presto! Arranger, and found a way to fix it to MAKE it perfect…unfortuinatly, if I try to save it with Presto, it won’t play proporly. Could someone who has GOOD MIDI editing software please contact me? Thanks.

Does anyone know where I can get an Mp3 of The Man With The Machine Gun (Laguna’s battle theme)? I’ve tried programs like Kazaa and they don’t have it, and if they do have it it doesn’t download >_<

Seph : Instead of leeching off Kazaa like so many losers do, buy/import the bloody CD ><

I would if I could afford it/find anywhere that sells it.

Go here

There are 11 different versions of it. Whether you can download them I don’t know, never tried. But it has the track you want.

Their all midi’s ;_;

For anyone that’s interested, I got the flawed MIDI of the concert repaired, and am now posting it here.