Looking for a free downloadable, Go program

I am interested in learning the game go, and the best way for ME to do this is on the computer, I have no where to find it at stores, so can’t buy one, so can someone help me download a free program teaching this game?

When you find one be sure to tell me how quickly you learnt to beat it, as no one has yet designed a Go program that stands up to even intermediate players.

http://playgo.to/interactive/ This one has very basic lessons but will get you started well.

I did get one, forgot where, but at even simplest lesson it kicks my ass.

Thanks for the link, that will help!

Buy one online (I got a pretty good miniset for around $20 CDN/$19 USD)

Don’t have credit card, nor do I have checks.

Thirty-one years old, and with no credit or even personal cheques?

I’m disabled, so I look to my family to take care of me in financial matters.

But it’s a <i>credit card</i>! You should start credit early so you have at least the opportunity to build a good record, even if you’re financially depending your family…

Anyway, I don’t know if this one’s still working, but it was an excellent Go service the last time I checked.


No idea how to even use one of those things, which is why I have my mother and sister. Even then they don’t believe in shopping on line. A past experience ruined a lot of the experience.

Though Im not retarded, and not in wheelchair, I’m very disabled, can’t even drive a car, because of my poor vision, and lack of reaction time. I’d say more, but I don’t think anyone is interested in it … are they?

Cless, I’ll give the site a look see. it was the same as Neb sent me. Sorry for putting your name in short like that Neb, but hard to remember at this time.