Look what you've done, Dev! [News]

The horror…


P.S., I want to make sure this comes up in the thread, so look at what bush is doing about it. That is all. =)


I’ve been bamboozled. What woe am I. It was all too perfect anywho.


Don’t click this if you are STILL afraid of spoilers and will bitch and moan about it.


Please Eden, take that off or at least give a warning. If I had seen that a week ago I would have ripped off your balls and there are plenty of people who still would.

Stop making me wish it was a week ago. :stuck_out_tongue:

Fine enough.

You ruined all of the fun.

At first I was thinking 'What a fucking eejit." Then I saw 984’s post.


Oh, pooh. I thought I was going to have more material for that Bush bashing party this weekend.

What? Where is that party exactly?

The White House! Come and join us. We will have hookers and Bush will jump out of the cake at the end, wrapped in several layers of duct tape.

The line about them ‘saving his life, even if he didn’t have one’ made me giggle.

I was wondering why this

Elsewhere, President Bush called the jailing of a New York Times reporter “a positive step,” but warned that many other reporters were still at large.
was at the bottom of the article when it was totally unrelated to it.

The fact that Andy Borowitz “writes a daily humor column” and resembles Dave Barry should’ve been another clue.

Wait… that doesn’t really happen, does it?

Oh those bloggers

Yes, that is why I bitched about it.

Seraphim Ephyon, you know you could have said nothing that way i wouldn’t be lead to believe it’s true.

;_; I hate you bloody wankers