Look what happened to Ackbar

He and his people launched a full frontal assault today.

May death come swiftly to his enemies.

On my home turf no less! There will be swift retaliation!

That isn’t a very big earthquake. I was awake at 7:34 am and didn’t feel a thing.

What DID happen to Ackbar? Maybe Vorpy knows!

I’m still in shock that those people were trying to save the squid. Humboldt squid can be very dangerous! Oh well, I guess they didn’t know any better.

His name is essentially Arabic for “is great”. So really he’s “Admiral Is Great”.

Yes but his name in Mon Calamari is essentially “it’s a trap”.

Thus making me in before “in before “it’s a trap””.

If Vorpy doesn’t know, perhaps Spazzy or zombiegal.


Big guy, few hp.

Ackbar tried to rape my mother one time.