What’s so funny about this?

Note: After the first ill-grammared post, I refused to read anymore.

Go up untill Fragmaster’s post. It’s like 5’th or 6’th.

I wish I could just get a glance at FYAD, JUST ONCE! But no. I have no 10 dollars, woe is me.

Okay, THAT is fucking hilarious.

This is funny? No, this is retarded.

You DID hear the SECOND one, right?

EDIT: Then you don’t have to look at it Sorc.

So incredibly mean…yet somehow I can’t stop listening. :stuck_out_tongue:

-Mazrim Taim

I can’t either. I’m listining to it now.



“My teacher is a direct decendant of He-Man!” Lol man.

Dude, there’s gotta be a couple groups in my dept that would want to research wtf it is that happened to you to make you what you are.


hahahahahahah! LOL!

My teacher is the coolest guy alive and he touches me in a special place and that special place makes me shoot things

hahahahahaha! I cant breathe!

“And speaking of shooting he has Big number guns, he has all the guns from the Matrix where the guy said ‘we need guns’ and hes met Keaunu(sp?) Reeves(sp again?), and he was all like “Whoa””

That was a good “Whoa!”

Originally posted by DanteFury
EDIT: Then you don’t have to look at it Sorc.

Well, since your topic wasnt very explanative of what this was outside it being something supposdly funny, I had no choice but to click on it and find out what it was. I found out it was retarded. As such, yes, I did have to look at this to come to the conclusion that it was retarded.

Don’t be stupid.